Florida Fun

By Connor Richter

Summer Fun

While school was out this summer I went down to Universal Orlando Studios Orlando, Florida. We stayed at the hotel that had a boat to take us to the park. And the whole hotel area was supposed to look like Venice, Italy.

Look At Me

The Science Of It

The roller coaster goes down with the help of gravity. The metal box (cart) is able to go down real fast and get around the ride so then it doesn't stop and so it follows newtons law. It's a known fact it rains a lot in Florida but lightning doesn't alway strike twice so when it hits it might hit the park so all those frozen raindrops that collide to make a electric charge is electricity.

I Wonder?..........

* How does the rain fall differ from Texas to Florida?

* Why does it always rain in the afternoon then in the morning in Florida?

* How come gravity is only 9.81 m/s and not faster?

* Why does evaporation have to occur after it rains?

* Why is there lightning when it rains?

* How much energy does the strongest lightning bolt have?