Apollo Kills The Snake

By:Douglas, Anthony, and Logan

The Myth

The myth of Apollo is when he kills a monster python in a temple. He kills the snake to get revenge for monsters chasing his mother. Zeus gets mad at Apollo because he killed something in a holy temple. Apollo runs away and travels around. The moral of the story is don't kill things in holy places.
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Interviewing Apollo

The Interview

We are in Olympus and we are listening to the interview between Apollo and Zeus.

Apollo:Hey dad.

Zeus: Hi son.

Apollo: How did you feel when I killed the snake in the temple?

Zeus: I was very angry. Why did you kill the snake in the temple?

Apollo: I killed the snake because it chase my mom. Do you understand why I did it know.

Zeus: Yes. You shouldn't have killed it in the temple though.

Apollo:It wasn't totally my fault.

Zeus:Why was it not your fault?

Apollo:It wasn't totally my fault because the snake purposely went into the temple.

Zeus: You should stay away for a while.

Apollo:Why should I?

Zeus:You should so you can let me calm down.

Apollo:Can't you calm down with me here?

Zeus:I just don't want to see you. I am to angry at you.

Apollo:Got it. Bye dad.

Zeus:Bye son.

The Gods Symbols

Apollo's symbol is the sun because he is the god of light and the sun is the main light source of to the world. Zeus' symbol is a lightning bolt because he used lightning bolt to kill the titans and Cronus.

Where Apollo Lived

He lived in Olympus like other gods. he traveled many places but he traveled to Greece the most.


Green Arrow Apollo


-They both have an arrow.

-They both used a bow and arrow well.

-They both killed things.

-They are both remembered for doing things.

-They are both skillful fighters


-Apollo has a twin and Green arrow doesn't.

-Green arrow is wears green and Apollo doesn't.

-One killed a big snake and the other didn't.

-One is a god the other isn't.

-One's father is Zeus the other isn't.