EDUC 536 Technology for Learning

Creating Digital Citizens

About me

My name is Barbara Leen and I am a graduate student at University Of Saint Joseph. I am also a mathematics teacher at Lyme-Old Lyme High School in Old Lyme, Connecticut.
I love teaching and learning and when I am not doing one or the other you will find me creating great things (sometimes ) in the kitchen or in my gardens.

Digital Introduction

Our very first assignment in technology class was to create a short introductory video using Animoto. Great assignment, new technology for all of us , also a small source of frustration. As I was creating the video, I spent more energy figuring out the technology itself versus the content. Nevertheless, great learning experience and our final products were quite impressive.

Th1rteen R3asons Why - Jay Asher

I read this book in one sitting, could not stop. This novel addresses issues facing modern students. Although the main character, Hannah, is not physically abused, she is a victim of bullying. Like many students recently, Hannah feels the only way to solve her problems and stop the hurt is to take her own self out of the equation.
As an educator and a parent many of the stories in this novel sounded very familiar. It is totally unpredictable how our words and actions could change someones life, it is to say the least, unsettling.
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21st Century Skills - Lesson

Lesson Plan

EDUC 536

Barbara Leen

November 21, 2014

Essential Question:

Do students think about their technology use differently than adults?

National Educational Technology Standards:


Digital Citizenship – Students understand human, cultural and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior.


Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility – Teachers understand local and global societal issues and responsibilities in an evolving digital culture and exhibit legal and ethical behavior in their professional practices.

Lesson Objective:

The students will think about where they are with respect to technology usage.

Class Description:

Geometry L1 (honors level), class of 21 students, 4 students with 504 plans. There are 10 boys and 11 girls in this class and as for the race there are two Asian and two Indian students, so the class population is predominantly white. When asked about the possession of a smartphone in class so we could conduct an activity, 16 out of 21 students had it available.

Schema Activator:

Students will watch a short introductory YouTube video about the impact of digital access in everyday actions to start the conversation about digital citizenship.

Direct Explanation of the Activities:

Students will be divided into groups of 4 and each group will be provided with the list of all 12 scenarios and a Digital Compass. They will discuss each scenario and identify what would be the most reasonable direction for each situation. As a whole class we will discuss some of their decisions to provide opportunities for students to show understanding of each direction of the digital compass.

Extension Activities:

  • Students will create their own scenarios of appropriate and inappropriate use of technology and have the class determine where they would place them on the digital compass.
  • Students will create a list of possible consequences that could result from scenarios of inappropriate use of technology.


At the end of the lesson students will take an online quiz , Secondary Driver’s License, using Kahoot application on their smartphones.


  • Short YouTube introductory video
  • List of 12 different scenarios.
  • Copy of the Digital Compass for all groups.
  • Secondary Driver’s License quiz written using Kahoot application
  • Smartphones
  • Smartboard


Kahoot has been adopted by the students immediately. They love the fact that they can use their phones but even more than that that love the fact that they are getting instant feedback and the competition is very intense. I have used public quizzes as well as I have written my own. It is a very user friendly application, quick and very informative. What I like about it is the fact that all students are 100 percent engaged and it is a great tool for me to gather data at the end of a lesson and not have to correct it, the application does it all and organize it on the excel spreadsheet. Can it get any better?

My Portfolio

It was rather exciting to create this website and it was yet another opportunity to try a new technology application. I know that my website still needs a lot of work but I am much less frustrated with all its applications and I can navigate my way through.
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