wilderness tips

by: stella perkins

tip # 1

The first thing you'll need is food and water, without a food and water source, you wont survive very long.

tip # 2

My second tip is, as soon as you get into the wilderness, find a reliable water source, even if you brought water, you'll need more.

tip # 3

Bring a hunting knife or hatchet, something that would help you in the wild.

tip # 4

Make sure you have the knowledge to start a fire or matches to do it the easy way, you'll need a fire for the night time.

tip # 5

Wear cloths that are suitable and protective, make sure they are sturdy and can withstand the wilderness.

tip # 6

Have means of escaping. make sure that you have a confirmed way out of the wilderness before you walk in.

tip # 7

Make sure to bring a compass, or go somewhere that you knw the land, this will help you avoid getting lost, and help keep you on track.

tip # 8

Make sure that someone knows that you're gone, and where you're going. This way, if something happens and you don't come home the time you say you will, they know where to look for you.

tip # 9

Make sure you pre-plan your trip, know what you're going there for and figure out a time that you want to get back, this will make sure that you keep track of time and ensure that you don't get lost.

tip # 10

Finally, tip number ten. If possible, take a friend with you, they can be helpful in a crisis and having someone to help you in the wilderness can end up saving your life.