By: Angelique Koutsourais

Who was Plato?

Plato was a Greek Philosopher. He was born around 428 BC in Athens. His birth name was Aristocles he got the name Platon which means broad because of his broad build. He was a student of Socrates and a teacher of Aristotle. He wrote dialogues about life and beauty.
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Around 385 B.C.E the academy was founded. He was in authority of the academy until his death. It was eventually closed by Roman Emperor Justinian I. He feared that it was a threat to Christianity. Plato hoped the academy would help provide a place for future leaders to figure out how to build a better government in the Greek city-states.


Plato spent his last few years at the Academy and with his writing. We aren't exactly sure about his death but we believe that he died in Athens around 348 B.C.E.

Why Plato Academy?

Plato was a pioneer in education and he wasn't afraid of basic knowledge and further exploration into science, mathematics, and others. They want us to be like Plato and be smart and more curious.