News from Second Grade

Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion 2nd grade with Sra. O-R

Learning plans for the week of March 23, 2015

Dearest families,


This next week, the kids will read La Vida Secreta del los Árboles by Chiara Chevalier. This is an informational text all about trees.


We are continuing 2-digit subtraction this next week.


We have started work on persuasive letters. Most of them are about sports and other things that the kids are passionate about. :)


The kids will have a chance to visit another country on Tuesday when we have a cultural day at school! I'm excited to see what different things they'll learn. The kids will be in mixed age groups on Tuesday from 10am-3:20pm learning about another Spanish speaking country!

Homework for the week

HOMEWORK- 20 minutes each night (sometimes life happens!)

Reading in English or Spanish

Practicing Spelling words

Spanish Spelling words

1. árbol - tree

2. semilla - seed

3. tronco - trunk

4. hojas - leaves

5. flor - flower

6. tallo - stemp

7. vivo - alive

8. brote - sprout

9. tierra - earth/dirt

10. corteza - bark

11. hoja - leaf

12. plantas - plants

13. hierba - herbs/grass

14. fruta - fruit

15. raíces - roots

16. protege - protect

17. pronosticar - predict

18. fuente - spring (of water)

19. energía - energy

20. descubrir - discover

21. esparce - separate

Library Days this week!

The kids will have library time with Mr. Glazer on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Contact Sra. Olson-Reiners

If you have information that is ESSENTIAL for me to receive during the day, PLEASE call the front office at 651-768-3801. There are occasions when I do not check my email until after the children have left for the day.