The 9th Amendment

People's rights

What was the 9th amendment all about?

It was a list of rights in the Constitution to say that the government can't take away other rights of people that aren't listed in the Constitution.

When was the amendment ratified and proposed?

The amendment was proposed on September 25, 1789. It was ratified December 15, 1791.

Why do you think this amendment was proposed?

I think it was proposed because all this time the Americans fought for their rights from the British, and the antifederalists didn't agree with the Constitution because they didn't protect people's rights from government

Why is it important for people to have the right outlined in the 9th amendment?

It is important because if they didn't have this amendment, future leaders could take advantage of the people and their rights. When they have the amendment, they are certain no one can take any rights that aren't listed in the Constitution.

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By: Angelina Prasad