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Working Scientifically in the New Primary Curriculum

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The CSI effect proving to be popular with Primary Schools

Our KS2 Forensic Science Workshop supports working scientifically in Science in the new Primary National Curriculum - helping to develop pupils’ awareness of scientific enquiry through Forensic Science and the applications, techniques and authentic processes used within a Crime Scene Investigation by using CSI hands-on activities. Introducing elements of the Criminal Justice System at an age when it really matters, in addition to assisting in your pupils transitional development into Secondary School.

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School Testimonials

A selection of Teachers comments from across the UK

Teachers Comments

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Grimsby

Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary Academy were extremely privileged to be able to welcome Jacqui Thompson from PULSE education into our school, to deliver a fascinating, hands-on CSI investigation day. Throughout the morning children (and teaching staff too), had the opportunity to learn about forensic science and what crime scene investigators actually do. We learnt about taking handprints, collecting finger prints, identifying fingerprint patterns, footprint casting and collecting hair and fabric samples, before considering how all of this is used by the police to help identify and capture suspects and criminals.

During this time the input and delivery of information was second to none; all children were engrossed and focussed on their learning activities which was provided and delivered to them in an easy to understand, child friendly manner, while still challenging them with plenty of opportunity to think outside of the box! During the afternoon session, the children had the opportunity to solve a simulated crime scene investigation, donning official SOCO uniforms and applying their learning from the morning to analyse the evidence and clues left behind to identify the murder mystery culprit from a list of suspects. The children applied so many different aspects of their learning as Scene of Crime Officers that all of the children benefited from the experience that the day offered. The Year Six children in particular were able to apply their learning to write their own detective stories as part of a literacy project, as well as the Year Five children learning more about their own aspirations and what they might want to do in the future. A huge thank-you again to Jacqui and her husband for the fantastic day, which really was enjoyed all, children and staff alike!

Barnfields Primary School, Stafford

After 12 years of teaching, I can hand on heart say that the C.S.I. Forensic science workshop was the best educational experience my classes have EVER had! I can not recommend it highly enough. The buzz of learning, from start to finish was amazing! The children got knee deep in the skills of forensic science and left the school that day with a pep in their step, a deeper love and appreciation of science and to top it all off – a full SOCO outfit! And so did the teachers! We will certainly be repeat customers!

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary, A Voluntary Academy, Nottingham

I had hoped to include some comments from children about the workshop when I responded as I know it had a real impact on them but haven’t yet been able to record these. I will send some on later if I do get chance. Here’s just one of the kind of responses the session has prompted:

A parent caught me the following day and I was dismissing the class and said, ‘Next time you do that, can I come in and help? I want to do it. He said it was his best day in school ever!’ I would like to formally express my thanks for such a fantastic workshop;

The Forensic Science workshops that we took part in during National Science and Engineering Week 2014 were a fantastic way to excite children about real life science! The children learnt the importance of forensics and were able to acquire many forensic skills throughout the morning as the sessions were so well planned and resourced. The attention to planning and detail by Jacqui and the team meant we were able to cram so much learning (and fun!) into just one day using a multitude of exciting resources – they really had thought of everything! Jacqui was very aware of the children’s skills and personalities in such a short space of time and supported the children in their learning expertly. In the afternoon, all 63 children were engaged throughout the session and determined to find the main suspect! The crime scenes allowed all children to apply the skills learnt in the morning in small groups and in full SOCO outfits which, of course, added to the excitement of the day! Overall, a fantastic day that highlighted the importance of science to the children in an extremely fun way. I look forward to working with Pulse CSI again and would certainly recommend the experience to other schools.

St Annes Ancoats Primary School, Manchester

The workshop its self was fantastic! The children were engaged throughout irrespective as to whether they were EAL or not. The hands on approach ensured that everyone in the group could participate and learn different skills too. The workshops themselves were educational and showed the children well as to why they shouldn’t commit a crime and how they would be caught if they did. The two sessions were great as in the first they learnt the skills that enabled them to investigate and discover who it was in the second half, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

The resources used were excellent and they allowed the children to fulfil many activities to the best of their ability and see exactly how it was done. There were great examples given like the shoe mould and other alternative were offered so that all were included. The volume of resources available and the quality of them too were exceptional and allowed the children to experience something they otherwise wouldn’t. I would highly recommend booking this workshop as the children gained so much from it and there was even an impact upon the members of the staff too! The sessions are well organised, well resourced and educational for all. This is definitely a workshop you should book for your school.

All Saints CE Primary School, London NW2 2TH

Thank you so much for getting our children so excited about forensics. The year 5 and 6 children in my workshop were extremely engaged and fascinated with the techniques and methods that you taught them. They especially enjoyed checking out their fingerprints and realizing just how different each and every person is.

In the afternoon, watching the children try to solve the mystery crime was really interesting. Kids were engaged and worked amazingly well in their teams, helping each other and remembering all the different and important parts to finding a suspect. Many of them were starting to ask really good investigative questions and realize just how much the little details matter in instances like that. I could not believe how many of the groups came to different conclusions about who committed the crime! The entire experience was so thrilling and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend the workshop to other schools. Thanks again.

The Minister School, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

What an amazing day! We booked Jacqui to come to our school to deliver her full forensic workshop day to a joint group of Yr 5 and Yr 7 students. From the moment we started until way past the end of the day, the buzz from the students was phenomenal. The logistics of the operation are significant (imagine planning a six hour practical lesson for 80 students!) but Jacqui sailed through the whole thing with ease – it was a most impressive operation!

Welton St Mary’s Academy, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

The CSI Day was a fantastic experience for all of our pupils. Jacqui developed a lovely rapport with the children and there was an excellent balance of scientific knowledge and fun activities. The resources provided were of high quality and there was a plentiful supply so even our big group of children had enough for one each. The children were so engaged and busy throughout that they didn’t even realise they had worked through break time! They had so much to take away with them as souvenirs at the end of the day. On their most recent report all of the children said that this had been their favourite science experience of the year. I would definitely consider using this workshop again, especially as we do an investigators topic in Term 2 that fits brilliantly with the content of the session. We had tried to do activities like this with the children before, but it made it so much more special having the proper equipment and Jacqui’s expertise about forensic science in the real world. “It was an intriguing and fun day. The best part was getting dressed up in all of the SOCO gear in the afternoon and solving the crime.” Thomas 6J | “It was interesting to find out what techniques they use in CSI. It was fun dressing up and collecting the evidence in the afternoon.” Ben 6

Washingborough Academy, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Right from the word go, our children were fully and completely enthused; this fully ‘hands-on’ approach was the perfect educational ‘pick-me-up’ to the post-Christmas bleary-eyed slump. Our sincerest thanks to Jacqui for creating the most unique & gifted form of experience; bucket-loads of learning matched only by the shed-load of fun that the children (and us grown-ups) experienced within our Forensic Workshop; I’ve never seen the hour and minute hands race so quickly towards 3:20, than when 90 children and three adults were all geared up in white forensic suits, gloves and masks . . . ……. A perfect blend of learning and enjoyment. I ‘suspect’ our children will remember this fabulous workshop event for quite some time to come!

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