One for the Record Books

May 2017

Diamondback Graduate

Hugo Daniel Rodriguez, son of Zulema Garza and Hugo Rodriguez, will be a Sharyland Pioneer High School 2017 Graduate. He will be graduating under the Distinguished Scholar Graduate Plan. Hugo has been accepted to the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He will receive the Engineering Scholarship based on his outstanding academic achievements. He has also earned the UTRGV Excellence Scholarship.

Hugo will be studying Electrical Engineering. Congratulations to Hugo and his parents. Ms. Zulema Garza serves as the librarian for RD Martinez Elementary.

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Rattler Graduate

Valeria Lauren Moreno, daughter of Jose and Elizabeth Moreno, will graduate from Sharyland High School on May 26th. She will graduate under the Distinguished Achievement Program as a Texas Scholar. Valeria is a member of the National Honor Society. She was recognized as a Dean's List student. She is a member of the UIL Journalism team. Valeria will be attending UTRGV for one year under the CAP program and will then transfer to UT Austin. Her mother Elizabeth Moreno is the librarian at Ruben Hinojosa Elementary School.

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Poetry Night @ the Library-Shimotsu Elementary

Paulina won an autographed copy of Bad Kitty School Daze during Poetry Night @ the Library. Poetry Night is an annual tradition at Shimotsu Elementary.
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John H. Shary's Platinum Readers

John H. Shary had 73 Platinum Readers this school year. Each student was rewarded with a field trip to the movies to watch The Boss Baby, going to eat at Marco’s Burger, and received a lunch bag filled with goodies. I am very proud of each of these students and their dedication to reading. We will continue to instill the love of reading in each of our students.

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Reading Pays Off @ Sharyland High School

Five BCM Club members will receive a college scholarship. BCM stands for Books Comics Movies. The five students played active roles in club leadership, discussions, community events, and fundraising activities. All five seniors served in an officer role. The total amount distributed equals $1000. Librarian Nicole Cruz is the club sponsor. Front row: Jennifer Carrillo, Clarissa Lopez Back Row: Isabel Muriel, Evelyn Quinlan, and Veronica Meza
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AR Water Party Fun @ Wernecke Elementary

AR Water Party –On Friday, May 12th, Wernecke students in 1st-6thgrades who qualified were able to participate in this year’s AR Water Party! These students worked very hard all year long being consistent with their reading and AR quizzing. The students had a great time on the water slides and hanging out with their friends!
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B. L. Gray Top Tier Scholars Celebrate Their Reading Achievements at UT-RGV

B. L. Gray Librarian Wenndy Pray treated the school's Top Tier Scholars to a celebration with an academic flair. They visited UT-RGV and enjoyed a tour into their STEM program and visited the planetarium, among other places. They concluded their festivities in the U-REC center and enjoyed outdoor activities, rock climbing, basketball, and a colossal chess play set.

Top Tier Scholars include students who read more than one million words this year. In addition, the incentive included students who continuously demonstrated excellent work ethic throughout the year and were deemed Special Guests. "This incentive went beyond rewarding top readers; it instilled a sense of purpose in all students to read for improvement and to foster reading enjoyment," said Mrs. McIver, eighth grade English department head. Mrs. Pray would like to thank BL Gray's administration, English teachers, and the trip's chaperones for their support in making the first Top Tier Scholar celebration a total success.

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Technology Assessment @ SNJH

On May 12 all 8th graders at Sharyland North took the Technology Assessment. Mr. Koenig, SNJH Librarian, was in charge of administering the assessment.
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Bentsen Elementary had 58 Gold Medal Readers this school year.

Bentsen Gold Medal Readers were treated to luncheon from Cheddar's restaurant.

After the luncheon students had a limo ride to Barnes and Noble where they had a tour of the whole store.

After the tour students enjoyed the immense amount literature. Students were very excited seeing the many genres the store provided.

The outing was a success and student greatly appreciated the time spent enjoy book store.

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O. Garza Elementary Centennial Readers

O. Garza Elementary celebrated our students who earned 100 points or more during the 2016-2017 school year. Two of our students were second graders in Mrs. L. Garza’s class, Humberto Rodriguez and Samuel Garza. Mrs. V. Ramirez’s 6th-grade class had the most Centennial Readers with 22 out of 24 of her students achieving the goal. We are proud of all our students, and the accomplishments they achieved this year in reading!

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Magic in the Arts & Media @ Pioneer High School

The “Magic in the Arts & Media” ceremony was the perfect ending to a great year!

An extremely talented young man helped me realize that kids excel in so many different areas…not just academics or athletics.

Thank you, RJ, for planting the seed for this new tradition at Pioneer High School. Go Diamondbacks!

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B. L. Gray hosts first Outspoken Poetry Contest

Students were thrilled to learn about performance poetry when renowned slam poet Emanuelee "Outspoken" Bean visited in October. To rekindle this excitement and to celebrate National Poetry Month, B. L. Gray's librarian launched the Outspoken Poetry Contest. Students were encouraged to submit English and Spanish poetry. Seventeen students submitted excellent poems. "This is the coolest contest," shared first place winner, Ethan Scherff, "I've already had requests for copies of my poem! I'm definitely participating next year." Ethan Scherff was the only seventh grader to place, and he's pretty excited about that.

Winners are:

  1. Ethan Scherff - "Reasons"
  2. Marco Lopez - "Sin Quitarle Una Libra"
  3. Kirsten Ebert - "Ode To The Books"

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ruth Garcia - "Small"
  • Nathalie Alanis - "My Heart Belongs To You"
  • Valeria Ruano - "Pepsi"

Not Pictured: Ruth Garcia

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Wernecke Birthday Book Club Participants

Birthday Book Club – Students at Wernecke did a wonderful job of supporting the library by participating in the Birthday Book Club this 2016-2017 school year. We had over 60 students, who by their participation, donated a total of 65 books to our library this school year! Amazing job Wernecke students!
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Barnes and Noble Required Reading Book Sale

Students were able to buy their required reading books for PreAP, Honors, and AP English classes on Friday, May 19th at the Sharyland High School Library. Librarian Nicole Cruz collaborates with the educational staff at the Palms Crossing location to make this easy-to-shop experience happen annually.
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Sofia Jordan: Fervent Reader @ John H. Shary Elementary

Sofia Jordan is a 6th grader here at John H. Shary. Her favorite hobby is to read. She enjoys reading for pleasure because it tells interesting stories. When asked what her favorite books series was, she responded with “Harry Potter because it was told as a magical story in a modern magical world.” This school year Sofia broke our Accelerated Reading school record with earning 1,123.4 pts. and read over 7 million words. We wish Sofia the best as she begins a new journey next year in Junior High.

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Remarkable Readers Celebrate @ Shimotsu Elementary

Shimotsu had 99 Remarkable Readers this year who read at least one million AR words!!Pictured are our 4th grade Remarkable Readers enjoying a special lunch for their exceptional accomplishment.
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Yearbook Distribution @ SNJH Library

On May 19, Mr. Koenig assisted the Yearbook staff as they used the library to distribute the 2017 Yearbooks to eagerly awaiting students.
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O. Garza Elementary Millennial Reader Incentive Trip

O. Garza Elementary awarded our Millennial readers with a wonderful lunch at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. Our O. Garza students, who all read 1 million or more words, were also gifted a new book of their choosing at Barnes and Nobles as a reward for meeting their goals. Mrs. V. Ramirez’s 6th-grade class had the most Millennial Readers with 11 students meeting this goal. Two students read over 2 million words during the 2016-2017 school year.

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Sharyland ISD Librarians

Thank you for teaching poetry, reading, digital citizenship, character education, research, writing, and for building future leaders and readers.
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Nicole H. Cruz, SISD Lead Librarian

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