Dinosaur national monument


This essay is about how dinosaur national monument was important and how it became dinosaur national monument

dinosaur national monument Is located in

Jensen Utah and dinosaur Colorado and is one of the many monuments in the United States

Dinosaur national monument is known for its mass bone deposit. It was first started to be made 150 million years ago in prehistoric times and was starting to become dinosaur national monument in 1862 nobody knows how it was built because it was built naturally but all they know is that it was built by dinosaurs dieing off and it being buried by all the earth that covered the dinosaur bones in the monument

the person who inspired this to be a monument was earl Douglas a paleontologist

That found it by going to dinosaur national monument and finding the mass burial deposit of the dinosaur bones at dinosaur national monument and in 1915 president widrow established it to be a national monument and that is when it was gave the name dinosaur national

nobody really knows what was hard making this monument because it was made at prehistoric what people love about dinosaur national monument is that it quarry exhibit because In the quarry exhibit they have preserved dinosaur bones that they have found from the dinosaur national monument what makes dinosaur national monument so important is its geology and paleontology because with out its paleontology it wouldn't be a monument today.

earl Douglas first found the dinosaur Bone in 1905 as a paleontologist

And took it to president Woodrow Wilson and established the monument and in the same year he found many other dinosaur specimens in the dinosaur national monument are near by Jensen Utah and in dinosaur Colorado the bones were sent to Carnegeg messenger in Pittsburgh they were studied by paleontologist all over the world.

this essay was about dinosaur national monument and how it became a monument and how it was founded by earl Douglas by finding his first dinosaur bone in1905 and he brought it to president Woodrow Wilson to establish dinosaur national monument this is what this essay is about