January-February Newsletter

8th Grade 2017-2018

Happy New Year!

We are excited to begin 2018 with you and your student! January's global theme for students is New Year, New You and we encourage all students to set goals and dream big for the new year. What new things are you going to try in 2018?

Meet Your Exploratory Team!

Current Units of Inquiry

Language and Literature

Unit Under Construction!


Unit Title: Force and Motion

Key Concept: Relationships

Related Concepts: Energy and Function

Global Context Exploration: Scale, duration, frequency and variability

Statement of Inquiry: Energy and function can be used to indicate relationships between scale, duration, frequency, and variability.

Summative Assessment: Students will build a mousetrap car to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between function, energy and the motion of an object (scale, duration, frequency, and variability).

Individuals and Societies

Unit Title: Go West, Young Man! or Where did all the Buffalo Go?

Key Concept: Global Interaction

Related Concepts: Resources and Sustainability

Global Context Exploration: Human Impact on the Environment

Statement of Inquiry: Global interaction over resources tests the sustainability of human impact on the environment.

Summative Assessment: Students will research a population that changed as a result of westward expansion. They will have to discuss in a cost-benefit analysis how the population change impacted the environment and whether or not the costs to the environment outweighed the benefits of westward expansion

Math - Level 3

Unit Title: Baby, It's Cold Outside (Linear Equations and Functions)

Key Concept: Relationships

Related Concepts: Change and Representation

Global Context Exploration: Natural and human landscapes and resources

Statement of Inquiry: Representing change reveals relationships in natural and human landscapes.

Summative Assessment: Students will learn how to represent the relationship between temperature and wind chill in their own weather forecast.


Unit Title: A System for the Greater Good

Key Concept: Logic

Related Concepts: Justification ans Systems

Global Context Exploration: the relationship between local and global processes

Statement of Inquiry: Logic and reasoning are employed to justify success in the globalization and sustainability of an organization.

Summative Assessment: Students will be creating a presentation to recruit investors for a non-profit organization.


Unit Title: Money and The Real World

Key Concept: Global Interaction

Related Concepts: Form and Function

Global Context Exploration: Markets, commodities and commercialization

Statement of Inquiry: Form and Function of our Resources helps us to learn Fiscal Responsibility

Summative Assessment: Students will create a budget based on a fictional life scenario including housing, transportation, and other budget items.

Language Acquisition

Unit Title: El cine y la television

Key Concept: Culture

Related Concepts: Audience, and context

Global Context Exploration: History of ideas

Statement of Inquiry: A culture's history of ideas as presented in television and movies provide context for the audience.

Summative Assessment: Students will write a movie review using unit vocabulary, acabar de + infinitive, and gustar and similar verbs as learned in the unit.

Physical and Health Education

Unit Title: So You Think You Can Dance

Key Concept: Relationships

Related Concepts: Adaptation and Refinement

Global Context Exploration: Identities and Relationships

Statement of Inquiry: When creating a dance students will develop relationships while adapting and refining their personality as well as to be able to cooperate and understand the identity and beliefs and values of their peers in their group.

Summative Assessment: Students will create a dance from the decades using moves that they have learned from previous dances from the internet, school, weddings dance recitals etc..


Title: Life is Grand!

Key Concept: Change

Related Concepts: Composition and Expression

Global Context Exploration: constraints and adaptation

Statement of Inquiry: Change is experienced and relayed through composition and expression of feelings, emotions, and connections as we move through time, interact with people and experience the world around us.

Summative Assessment:

Goal- Students will create a scripted piece based on their time at Corwin.

Role- You are the author or reporter telling the story.
Audience- The audience is your peers 4th -8th grade.
Situation- You are presenting your perspective of an event or several events that developed your memories of Corwin.
Product- Your product is your performance a monologue, a script, a dialogue, a song, a poem or other performance piece.

Instrumental Music

Unit Under Construction!

Visual Art

Unit Under Construction!
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School Events!

No Bully Parent Training

Parents! We want you to join us for another installment of our No Bully parent training. On January 23rd, please join us from 6-8 PM while our No Bully representative walks us through strategies to support our students with conflict resolution, social emotional learning, and interrupting hurtful behaviors with our vision statement: at CIMS we are Caring, Inclusive, Mindful, and Safe.

Second Step Update

All MYP students will be participating in Lessons 4 and 5 of the Second Step curriculum January 29th and 30th and February 12th and 13th. Below are the learning objectives so that you will be able to ask your student about what they are learning. You can also ask them about the “homework” they should be bringing home after each lesson. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of the No Bully Initiative.

8th Grade Lesson

Learning Objectives

Lesson 4: Negotiating and Compromising

  • Solve a problem using the Action Steps
  • Identify a problem from the perspectives of those involved
  • Generate solutions using strategies of negotiation and compromise (win - win strategies)
  • Apply the Action Steps to problem solving

Lesson 5: Bullying in Friendships

  • Recognize and identify bullying within social or friendship groups
  • Understand what they can do about bullying within relationships
  • Understand how a bystander can be part of the problem or part of the solution
  • Apply empathic concern and perspective taking

Futures Week is Coming!

The week of February 26th through March 2nd students will be participating in various activities celebrating their future plans! Wearing shirts from intended high schools, colleges, careers and more! Stay tuned for more details.
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