Dr. Dane


Thirty-seven, Ph.D. in History, college professor, in good health (jogs daily), hobby is botany, enjoys politics, married with one child (Bobby)

Dr. Dane is thirty-seven years old, has a Ph.D in history, and is currently a college professor. He will survive because he has important attributes would help the group thrive better on the island. Since he is a professor and he has become good at controlling a crowd of people. If a conflict arises among the group, Dr. Dane would be a good leader and would be capable of establishing order back to the group. It is important to have someone with leadership qualities but not in a way the too controlling and a teacher expresses that characteristic. Then with his political background he can see two sides of the argument at hand, which would be beneficial if fights arise. Also Dr. Dane is known for enjoying botany; knowing about plants may increase their survival rate because it allows them to know which plants are edible and which ones are dangerous. Some may argue that losing his family, Mrs. Dane and Bobby, will make him undetermined to survive. This is true, but he still may seek survival. He may want to save the other survivors' families from feeling the loss that he did if they also happened to die.just to assure that the other survivors' families don't feel the same way that he did if they ended up dying. Another helpful characteristic is that he is in good health and jogs every day. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, he is able to help with work around their camp. For example, making a shelter. He will not be someone that others need to take care of but someone that will be able to have a positive effect in the group.
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