Career Report: My Cousin Gina

Interview of her 2nd Grade Teaching Positions

What are your Qualifications? Why do you love this job?

My qualifications are my masters in Education at Sacred Heart University. I love my job because the people I work with and the children are amazing.

Why did you leave your job? What would your old job say about you?

I left my job because it was not a positive working environment. My old boss would say I was caring and a hard worker.

Are you creative? What have you done that is creative?

Yes I am very creative, and I love creating new projects for each holiday and season for the children.

What made you want to become a teacher?

Gina: "What a great question...I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I was about 12 years old. My youngest sister was about 9 years younger than I. I took care of her for years and she really opened my eyes into realizing my love for children. I knew I wanted to become an elementary school teacher because of the many subjects the teachers taught."

What has been the most rewarding experience you have had as a second grade teacher?

Gina: "The most rewarding experience I have had as a teacher was the first year I began teaching. It was the first year I began at my school and I loved all my children. It was so rewarding to see them all graduate and move up to 3rd grade with such happy smiles on their faces. I was so happy that I helped make them better children."

What new skills have you acquired from teaching for the past 3 years?

Gina: There are many skills that a teacher learns that they never knew they had while in college. Possibly the most important skill I learned is patience. Working with children everyday you realize that many of them have different personalities that you learn to cope with. Once you get that down, the rest is all fun and games."

What are your strengths and How would a past teacher describe you?

Gina: "My Strengths are my compassion, generosity, loyalty, tolerance, and my selflessness."
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Bibliography (May 9th 2016)

Mrs. Gina Dill

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