My learning: Nida

What does genre mean?

A style of music or literature
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What are the elements of gothic genre?

Take a look at my Popplet
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What is a play?

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What are my thoughts so far about the setting the chatacters,the plot of the play?

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The ship of captain Walton is in thr Arctic. The ship won't move because the ice blocks the ship and they hear voices, one voice is of someone crying in pain and another voice that was harsh and monstrous. And captain Walton saw the man on the sledge . The man who runs behind the sledge falls down and Captain Walton goes and helps him and the man said "My name is Frankenstein"

The man on the sledge is huge and heideous, I think this is the Monster.He is cryning in revenge.


Frankenstein is talking with his friend Clerval they started by drinking wine and they talk about Frankenstein's w ork and then his cousin Elizabeth comes in and she talks to Frankenstein

"your mum is dead and your dad is very ill" she says.

She wants Frankenstein to go home to meet his father but Frankenstein doesn't want to go back because he wants to work on his experiment.

"it must be to night it must be",he says.

Clerval tries to make jokes and I dont think he knows what Frankenstein is creating. We see body parts and a bench and there are wires.

When the lightning strikes the wires, the monster is born. The Monster is very tall and powerfull, his lips are black, and his eyes are red-rimmed and he is ugly. He wears nothing but a pair of trousers.

He was confuses because it is a new world and he doesnt know anything. Frankenstein runs away because he is disgusted by what he has created.


The monster wearing a torn white shirt now and he hear a young man's voice and young girl's voice and they id Felix and Ageathe they was finding the food and Ageathe go to the house that the moster live. 'Ugh!' The monster Ejaculate

'Who's that' agathe said the monster leaps to her and seizes her hand before she can ren away and she scream 'No! No friend' the monster said and he give Agathe an apple 'i have come a long way help. Help me' Agathe try to touch him but monster said it not good 'you are poo man!' Agathe said and she try to know the monster name but he doesn't have a name and then Felix was come he saw the monster and he was shock he want to shoot the monster but Agathe said'No don't shoot him' the moster pushes her aside,and as she falls Felix shoots. The monster staggers and cries out 'AAAGGGHHHHHH!' 'What have you done Felix'Agathe asked but he doesndoesn't answers her because he worry about her and then the monster said 'everyone want me to bad' Agathe try to ask Felix what have he done and she said 'We should to understand him' but monster want to Revenge!!!!


Frankenste and Elizabeth talking about Elizabeth's dream and then Elizabent saw William died and she go down and looking for Frankenstein's brother and then Frankenstein met the monster and the monster want Frankenstein listen to him and then Elizabet call Frankenstein to come down and look at his brother but she said to her'i need to talk with this visitor' and Elizabet try to tall that visitor let her cousin come down and look at his brither and then she go up and she saw the monster and she ran away.and then Frankenstein talking with the monster monster.Frankenstein thought themonster want to kil his brother and then the monster told him,his brother did somthing bad tohim and then the monster asked Feankenstein did he create him to be evil or hated by all mankind and Frankenstein answer him 'No,never' and the monster asked him can you create his wife his friend and he say yes and the monster asked agin how long is it. Frankenstein answer two years and he said in 2 years i don't want to see you agin and then the monster said 'sure!next 2years i will return' and then he went out.and then Clerval came and said to Frankenstein like Elizabeth need you and then they went out.
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Next 2 years ago. Elizabeth and Clerval came in and they talking about Frankenstein, Elizabeth she don't understand why Freankenstein keep the room locked for two years! He hasn't been the same since before William was killed. Clerval here that and said something like he know what is Frankenstein doing and Elizabeth try to ask Clerval what is her cousin doing. Finally Clerval tell Elizabeth 'Vicyor is creating life'. They talk talk and talk and than Elzabeth remember 2 years ago he have a visitor and she know now his visitor is a monster. Clerval said to Elizabeth to go downStairs and keep the monster away. Then the monster come in and than they was fighting and the monster saw another monster that Frankenstein creating it 'Beautiful' the monster said and then and then clerval hurt the monster'wife. The monster was very angry and then Suddenly come in. Elizabeth is standing there,together withServant and ghen they was fighting agin. Finally Frankenstein was come in and saw everything and Frankenstein help Elizabeth stop the monster and the monster was very angry agin and he killed Elzabeth and said to Frankenstein 'How does it feel?' And then the monster said 'Follow me, Frankenstein' and then Frankenstein said ' what have i done?What have i done?' Blws over her,sobbibg.The lights go down.
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This epilogue talking about Captan Wilton he talk abour what did Freankenstein told him when he come to the end

Some questions

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My creation

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What makes a real human being?

Something called a soul that lives on after their bodies die.

Who is evil in the play and who is good?

The monsteris evil becuse he killed William and Elizabeth but before he is good and Frankenstein is good becuse he want the monster that he created to be good,He doesn't want the monster that he created to be bad to be mankind or evil.