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Lectionary-Based Playlist /Issue 51/March 21, 2021

"The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified!"

What does it mean to "give the glory to God?" That's a common phrase we hear. In simple terms, it means we acknowledge that all we have is gift from God and we live in gratitude for those gifts. Because each of us is holy and gifted, we are called to share those gifts with others. In this way, we SERVE God. This edition of The Family Zone will talk about ways you and your family can serve God through your daily actions!

Journeying with St. Joseph

Learn more about St. Joseph during this YEAR OF ST. JOSEPH!

Pope John XXIII added Joseph’s name to the “Canon of the Mass” (the first Eucharistic Prayer). He added it immediately after Mary’s name. Pope Francis did the same for the other Eucharistic Prayers. Because St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of the Universal Church, this is a beautiful addition. It reminds us that the foster father of Jesus continues to intercede on behalf of the whole Church. To learn more about how you can celebrate this special year Year of St. Joseph, designated by Pope Francis, click on the Year of St. Joseph link below!



Click on the link below for the readings that you heard at this Sunday's Mass. This gives you a chance to revisit the message and even spend some time with the practice of Lectio Divina!

Family Stories:

Do you love to read to your kids? These stories will help you apply this week's theme to other areas of life and connect the lines between our beliefs and daily life!

  • God’s Dream by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams
  • Even Then by Stacy Archer
  • Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin
Parent Articles on the topic:How do we teach our children to serve God without simply sitting them down for a lecture? And what does it mean to serve God, when you are a child? Serving God can be helping our family, being a good friend, giving to those in need and praying. Here is an article about seeking teachable moments to share faith:

For Teens to Grow on their Discipleship Journey: Straightforward, every day advice about how you can serve God as a young person:


Below you will find "at-home" assignments if your child learns best through writing and completing worksheets:


Color this picture together and talk about what it means to be a good neighbor in God's eyes!


This lesson from Common Sense Media is a great platform for discussing God's laws for us in relationship to our daily actions. How do our "responsibilities" mirror God's expectations for us and how do we serve God by being responsible. The lesson takes it a step further to talk about how we become responsible digital citizens; such an important topic in today's world. We can serve God by being a witness to Christ in all settings!

FOR ADOLESCENTS: Write a family agreement about serving God. What actions will your family to commit to, in your household, in your community, online, and in the greater world? Post it somewhere and hold one another accountable to it!

ALL AGES: Make a banner or sign to hang on your wall with this quote from Joshua 24:15 "As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." Invite all family members to help to decorate and make the sign personal!


Do you listen to podcasts throughout the week? We will share episodes to help you embrace week's theme and be able to converse with your kids feeling more confident! We'll also share family listening skills from time to time! We have two podcasts this week to help you think about your personal service to God as a beloved child of God and one to help you focus on serving God through serving others!


Here we share ideas for personal prayer, family prayer and learning more about the ACT of prayer as a discipleship skill!

Beginning your day with prayer sets a beautiful tone for what may lie ahead. Here is a morning prayer to serve God faithfully throughout your day:


Are you or your child a VISUAL learner? We've curated some videos that help you understand this week's theme!
Jason Gray - With Every Act Of Love
Chris Tomlin - Good Good Father (Audio)
The video below is designed for catechists. As primary catechists of your children, it might be helpful to connect the dots to discipleship! Watch below to learn more about connecting knowledge to prayer and service for a well-lived faith!
Catechesis to Know, Love, and Serve God
No Man Can Serve Two Masters


Children learn through play; here are some ways for you to keep learning about the faith theme of the week in a "hands-on" way!



  • Serving God means serving others as well! Our world can be so wonderful if we all serve God and others. If it is cold enough outside (below 30 degrees) create these frozen bubbles a an object lesson! Use a package of bubbles (or create your own solution- one part water to 4 parts dish soap) and make a bubble. Watch the bubble freeze and become solid! Think about the bubbles as our small acts of kindness and service we put out into the world; the frozen bubbles show that we become stronger because everyone reaches out to the other!


ALL AGES: Create a HI-5 Chart for the fridge. Acknowledge family members when they serve God by writing their names on the Hi-5 list to affirm positive behavior! Many kids will playfully compete against their siblings to see their names on the board and repetitive behaviors become lifelong habits!


Great projects for you to create something together for quality time! This week we focus on service projects for all ages!

Wonder with St. Joseph

It's the Year of St. Joseph! We are shifting our wondering questions to look through the eyes of the Holy Family this year!

How can I do anything that could match what God can do? God is so powerful and beyond what I can understand, and I am only a simple carpenter. I’ve been given such blessings in my life – my job, my amazing wife, Jesus to raise as my son – I cannot begin to repay God for those gifts! But I can show my gratitude, even if I cannot match God’s majesty. I can serve God, even if I cannot repay him.

Parents – How do you help your family serve God? Serving and loving our neighbors is such a good way! Loving our families is another. Using our God-given gifts, yet another. So many ways!

Young People – When we show love to others, we reflect God’s love. Isn’t it amazing we can be a part of God’s love for others? How do you show love in your family? In school? At sports and play? How do you think it makes others feel when you do an act of service or kindness for them?



EVANGELIZE: The dictionary definition is to "preach the Christian Gospel." There are many ways to preach the gospel without actually having a conversation. We can evangelize others through our attitude and behavior as well. If we want to serve God, we can become witnesses to the Gospel. People will soon associate that our Christianity means that we speak with charity and kindness, respect others, help the needy, show compassion and empathy and work toward justice, as well as worshipping God and honoring God's law.


We are coming upon a year of serving your family with THE FAMILY ZONE! We work each month to improve the way in which we can meet your family's needs. Beginning Easter Sunday, our editions of The Family Zone will look toward the Sunday ahead instead of focusing on the Sunday you receive the newsletter. This will allow your family to prepare your thoughts around the messages of the Sunday liturgy BEFORE you hear them in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We hope this will help you to connect to Mass on a deeper level and will allow our faith formation leaders in the parishes to better connect this newsletter to the lessons they share with you! We're excited for these changes and to keep sharing our faith with you and your family!

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