Medieval Peasants

By: Paige Melim

Life for a Medieval peasant was harsh. From cooking to cleaning to gardening, peasants had a lot of work to do. Peasants looked bad, had awful living conditions, long, hard jobs, poor health, and bad family lives.

Looks and Clothes

First off, according to The Middle Ages- More about clothing and, being a peasant meant having to work all day and getting dirty. Because they could only expect to bathe twice in their lifetime , peasants smelled pretty bad too. Even though peasants never washed themselves, they did wash their clothes, thankfully. Peasant men typically wore stockings and tunics, while women wore long gowns with sleeveless tunics. And, sheepskin and mittens were worn for protection from the cold and rain.

Homes and Food

Next, as stated by and , peasants had small cramped homes and lived under a lord. A peasant's diet consisted mostly of bread, porridge, vegetables and some meat. The main crops were wheat and beans. As said by Western Reserve Public Media, " Near their homes, peasants had little gardens that contained lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, beets and other vegetables"


Also, as reported by , peasants had hard working jobs. Most worked on a farm or in a castle for their lord. Peasants who worked on the farm worked two or three days out of the week and started as early as 3am. Peasants who worked in the castle, usually women, were expected to cook, clean, and wait on the lord.


And, according to , In Medieval Europe, peasants faced disease and poor health. Towns were filthy be cause no knowledge of germs existed. The most common disease faced was Black Death. This disease killed around 2/3 of England's population between 1348 and 1350.


Finally, as reported by , all marriages were arranged by the parents. They normally married other peasants that lived in their town. If they had children, they would be left at home while their parents worked, and peasant children did not attend school. * add site!


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