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The last month | Way ahead | June 2016

The month that was | The way ahead for June

LCs that have challenged themselves and have made it to top 3 for last month :-

  1. Delhi University- 150 Matches
  2. Delhi IIT- 140 Matches
  3. Chandigarh- 57 Matches

Who made this happen & how they feel about it?

1. Surbhi & Akshay- "The last month gave me a feeling to make June even better than what we had planned"

2. Anupam - " I think it was the best month so far & I need to buckle up for June"

Good job Surbhi,Akshay,Anupam & Satyam. Keep going! :)

And,there are few LCs that have grown tremendously from last year and are aiming to be on the top 3 -

  • Surat
  • Navi Mumbai
  • Mumbai

Inference - The LCs that have GCo as their core-products will have to draw more focus in order to grow the portfolio,which is the whole idea of this system. What's your main strategy for this month?


  • Capitalize on the supply left for the Summer Peak ( Eg. MoC,Egypt being the majour suppliers). There's still a lot more to do.
  • Quality cannot be compromised at any point of time. Prepare your CX/Quality delivery team to deliver the best Summer peak AIESEC India has ever seen. Which LC is going to top the NPS chart?
  • Post match engagement should be happening virtually. Follow-up on their OPS, in order to drive down IPS,which is mentioned in the link above.
  • Internal Branding Campaigns need to happen continuously. Don't give up on Promotions ever.
  • Capitalize on the Matching Day. At the end of the day,it depends on how much you want to leverage out of it. Are you prepared yet?

CONGRATULATIONS for the Big month you've created for yourself.

June awaits all of you!

Matching Day 1.0 | June 4 2016

How do you prepare your portfolio for the big day?

Objective of the day- OGX has been trying to align with SDGs across the network. Hence,we promote & build a better understanding of the SDG based projects & it's relevance to our partners for a better collaboration.

  • Promotional materials should be in place by today itself : Project-specific promotions, Country-specific promotions ( Egypt,Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia , Brazil, Poland, MoC have shown interest so far. The final list will be out tonight) , SDG based promotions are a must ( If its data-oriented,much better).
  • Promote the resources that you have already received. ( Check- Newsletter, Poster, Google form and the Facebook page). Invite your partners to attend the same.
  • Platforms we will work on for the day - Facebook, weChat(MoC), Whatsapp groups.
  • Prepare your membership for the day- Knowledge with respect to SDGs and how is it relevant in your entity (this may require some research) , understand the requirement of each entity participating & modify your promotional materials accordingly.
  • The Matching Day timings will be told by tonight ( We will be alloting slots according to different time zones to make it more efficient and convenient for our partners)
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection for the day.
  • All the resources that you have prepared should be mailed to Upmanyu @ by tonight & he will be promoting it on the Facebook Page.
  • We will also be rolling out live updates from every LC on the Facebook page. So be prepared with that.( Eg : When Brazil is online, you make a shoutout video for their EPs)
  • Last,please clarify your doubts or questions by tonight. That shouldn't be an excuse to not execute.
  • If you have feedbacks on how this day can be made better, do give in your inputs.

SDG Alignment | Summer Peak 2016

As a portfolio that's driving change, or rather as Catalysts, we're here trying to create purposeful exchnages. Regardless of whether we deliver 10 or 100 exchanges.

How do we make every exchange count?

  • The below website covers step-by-step resources that you will need for SDG Alignment.

  • The picture below defines the steps, and the link below gives all the resources required to implement the same. For eg : IPS Induction PPT and so on which is standardized and awesome!

We will be tracking the Value Delivery phase with respect to SDG Alignment,so please adhere to these simple steps which are create for you and are meant to only upscale the quality of delivery.

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