Who am I?

Hello! My name is Cathleen Dhaliwal and I am fifteen years old. To start off, I’ll tell you that the most interesting aspect of my life (according to me) is my family. My family is huge. I have an amazing father, a wonderful mother, a fantastic grandmother, three great sisters and a great brother. I am the second youngest in my family, with both my older sisters being in university and my brother being one year older than I. My younger sister goes to middle school. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family, and especially with my siblings. Some of my other interests include sports, like ball hockey, and art, like painting and sketching.

My Life Line

Coming to High School

In middle school, I had a lot of fun, especially in Grade 8. I had good friends and my teacher was nice, and my grades were decent as well. I really disliked the fact that in one year I would go to high school. I thought that everything would change. I knew that some of my friends were going to drift away from me, and I would have different teachers every period. But when I got to high school, it was such a unique experience. I finally experiences a sense of independence and structure. In grade 9, high school was not as fun as grade 8, and I hated it. I did not really like my teachers and I only had a few friends in my classes. But in grade 10, I am much happier. I like my teachers and have friends in almost all my classes. I hope that the next few years will be just as good, if not better.



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Leader as a Delegator

Out of all the different types of leaders I am a delegator. I believe that the style of leading as a delegator is most like me. These types of leaders are usually the captains of the team, and they expect results from all of the team members. In group projects, I always find myself in the position of leader. I then assign tasks to all the group members, (but they sometimes choose their own). I either take a job, or my job is to compile all the results and make the grand project using all the small parts. I can also be a leader as a persuader, because I do not like being the only one talking, but unlike the leader as a joiner, I am comfortable with the title of a leader.

In the future, I would like to become a leader as a consultant, because these are my favourite type of leaders. They take into account everyone's feelings and areas of expertise to assign tasks, which I attempt to do when given the role of leader.

The biggest example of where I exercise my leadership style is during group projects, or when on a sports team at school.



The biggest role models in my life are people that are close to me. I have other role models, but the people I really look up to and constantly want to make proud are my mother, my father, and my lovely grandmother. All three of these people are extremely important to me, and have obviously played a very big role in my childhood, and have helped me become who I am today.

My family symbols


My Blueprint - Learning Styles

According to the MyBlueprint survey, my style of learning is "Auditory-Kinaesthetic". At first, I did not even know what this meant, but upon reading into this learning style, I learned that some aspects of my learning do relate to it. Auditory learners learn by hearing. They study best by reading aloud to themselves, which is very true. When studying, I like to write and read the information aloud so I remember it better. Kinaesthetic learners learn by doing and seeing, which is also true in my case. I like to make gestures when I talk, and take frequent breaks to walk around, which are all characteristics of Kinaesthetic learners.
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My Blueprint-Personality

According to the MyBlueprint survey, my personality type in an "INTJ", which stands for "introverted, iNtuiting, thinking, and judging". INTJ's are imaginative, which I like to believe I am, logical, which I hope I am, and strive to acquire different types of knowledge. I love to learn, and have a thirst for new knowledge. INTJ's are very rational as well, sometimes so rational that they leave out emotion while making decisions. I disagree with this. My emotions do have an influence on my decisions, even if it is only a little.

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My Blueprint - Interests

My results revealed that I am a "Catalyst". Now, before I took the test, I had absolutely no idea what a catalyst was. After reading my report, I found out that a catalyst is someone who loves and cares about people. I believe that these results are very accurate, because I do like helping people and I enjoy being a leader, which are both qualities of a catalyst. Catalyst's are also very good at joining people together and helping people find a common ground to work together on. I agree with this as well, because in my house, I am known as the peace maker, at least most of the time.
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My results showed me that my top subjects were all very close, in terms of results. My top subject area was "physical education", with "languages" being second, and "English" being third. "physical education" was my top subject even though the results had tied with "languages", so I read my report and found out that am a mix of all three. I feel that this is accurate to an extent. I love physical activity, and i love writing and reading, but I feel that something like Science should have been in my top three, because I enjoy science as a subject as well.
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My Blueprint - Motivations

My results showed me that my top motivation factor is independence. My second motivation factor is relationships. I feel that this test was very accurate. I believe that independence is one of my best characteristics, and it does motivate me to do better, and I do well when I work alone. I highly prize personal independence. I also believe that relationships are a big motivation factor for me. My relationships with the people that matter the most are what keep me doing my best, because I want to make those people proud.
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My compatibility tests

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My top three occupations


When I saw my recommended careers, I knew that the option for "Anthropologist" would be one of my top careers. I knew this because I take a lot of interest in philosophy and the social science of human behaviour. I believe that if I don't go into the sciences (life sciences), then one of my backup plans would be this type of job.


At first, I had no idea what a Orthoptist was, but from reading into this occupation, I found out that an Orthoptist is someone who is in the front line of the assessment and diagnosis of eye disorders. I believe that this is accurate to an extent, because I knew that my top careers would have something to do with the sciences, most likely in the medical field. I do not know if I would become a Orthoptist, but I could diagnose disorders and treat patients.


This occupation did not surprise me when it showed up in my recommended careers, becasue, again, it has to do with the medical field. I love to help people and Anaesthesiologist's help relieve pain of surgical patients by researching different types of anaesthesia. I did not know what this was before I read it, but now, knowing what this occupation is all about, I believe that this career is actually really interesting. I think that if I could, I would gladly go into studying to become an Anaesthesiologist.

True COlours test

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Adventurous Orange

According to the test results of the True Colours test conducted in class, I was part of the majority that got the colour "Orange" as their personality. The report reveals that the people who are "orange" are usually loud and adventurous, with little respect for the rules. Though I may be a little cautious with authority and following the rules, I still like taking risks and having fun. I enjoy living the day to its fullest, and that is why I agree with my results. I am also a blend of a few other colours, like blue and green. The “blue” personality also relates to me because the “blue” personality has an extreme importance put on their relationships with others. I have some extremely important and precious relationships that I put before anything, and I like maintaining positive relationships with people that matter to me. The Green personality is independent and likes to gain and share knowledge, which it should be pretty obvious form my previous test results that I have a thirst for knowledge, and that one of my top motivation factors is independence.

Right VS Left Brained

After this test, my results revealed that I am almost a perfect balance between being right brained and left brained. I believe that this is one of the most accurate test results that I have gotten, becasue I whole - heartedly agree that I am a complete mix of both results. Right brained people (in which I am 46%) are more creative and imaginative, which i like to believe that I am. I show y creative side by drawing, painting and sketching, and I also like to show my creativity through my school projects. Left brained people (in which I am 50%) are more logical and analytic in different situations. I like to believe that I have a sense of logic when facing different problems. This is why I believe that my test results are very accurate.

Holland Code Career Test

The Holland Code Career Test was one the "not - so - accurate" tests that I took. It had aspects of my personality in its results, but I beleve that there are results that are more accurate and pertain more to my personality. According to the results of this test, I am a "thinker". These types of people are people who enjoy to read and investigate theories, which I have a great interest in. The aspect that I completely disagree with is the fact the "Thinkers" are people who like to research. I do not like researching. In fact, I quite dislike it. Unless it is a topic that I like reading into, then I do not mind it. But even if it is a topic that I like, I do not like writing things down about it, I just like reading and gaining the knowledge. This test result was accurate to an extent.


Which test is the most accurate or helpful in helping you determine what you want to do and why?

I actually had a couple of tests that were accurate in terms of results. The test that I would say was the most helpful in helping me determine what I want to do was the My Blueprint Compatibility Test. In this test we had to click a bunch of our recommended careers and see how compatible we were with them. The top three careers that I had the highest compatibility percentage were; Anthropologist, Orthoptist, and Anesthesiologist. These results were helpful because I had an idea that I wanted to go somewhere in social sciences/life sciences for my career. This result just proved that my idea was accurate for my career choice. But, this test was not the most accurate. The test that I believe was the most accurate was the Right Vs Left Brained test. This is because I completely agree with the results, which I revealed that I was almost a complete bled of both the results.

Which test was least helpful and why?

I think that the least helpful test was the My Blueprint Knowledge Test. This test was the least helpful because it did not really have anything to do with my career. My top subject areas were Gym, Languages, and English. These subjects do not have much to do with my top choices for my career. The main subject that most of my career options are influenced by or based on is science, but that was not in the knowledge areas. But, I do believe that the test was accurate in the sense of what subjects I like at school. I love gym, but English is not that great for me.

Describe four of your strengths and give an example for each.

Independence – this is one of my strengths because I like to be independent. Independence is the characteristic that I never have trouble with, and I think that I do better when I am working alone. An example where I exercise my independence is when I am assigned an independent project. I love to excel in independent projects.

Logic – logic is another one of my strengths, because, for any claims or statements that I make, I always like to back myself up or provide proof. If any problem or obstacle arises, I try to be logical about it, but most of the time my emotions to get in the way of my decision-making process.

Relationships – this is one of my strengths because I find most of my motivation from the relationship that I have with other people. An example of when my relationships are my strength is when I have a problem that I am afraid of. The people in my life are always there for me to talk to, and they always help me get through anything.

Gaining knowledge – knowledge is never a weakness, and that’s why I love to read and gain more. This is one of my strengths because I will never get tired of reading about topics that interest me. For example, world religions are very interesting to read about to me, so in the summer of 2014, all I did for a month was read about world religions on the internet.

Describe four of your weaknesses and give an example for each.

Stubbornness – I am a very stubborn person. I will never admit that I am wrong if I am convinced that I am right, and I won’t try and look at the opposing side’s point of view. This is a very bad habit and makes me seem like a very arrogant and self – important person, which I do not want to be. An example of when I am stubborn is when I am attempting to do something for the first time and someone corrects or criticizes me. I always insist that I am doing it the right way, and that the other person is the one who is wrong.

Procrastination – I am a chronic procrastinator. I hate being late but I do not like starting on time either. I know that I will be rushed and be confused if I keep procrastinating on my work, but I do it anyways. I really do not like this habit of mine, because it can cause a lot of damage.

Laziness – being someone who puts such a high importance on education and who always tries their best, it really creates a conflict of interest when I am a lazy person at the same time. I always try to put my best effort in any projects, but sometimes I get lazy and give up.

Distracted easily – one of my biggest weaknesses is the fact that I get distracted so easily. This is why I always turn off my phone before starting my work because I know I will get distracted by it. But it does not matter what I do, because no matter what, I am bound to get distracted. Even when working in class, I get distracted by my friends, or I just zone out and forget about my work.

What you learned about yourself and anything that surprised you.

By conducting the tests and reading the reports of all the results, I did not really get surprised by anything, since I have a pretty good idea of who I am right now. All of the results just clarified or proved the ideas that I already had about me. For example, before taking the right vs. left brain test, I already knew that I was a good mix of both being logical and being imaginative.