The Glourious Revolution

Avery Lewis

What was the Glorious Revolution?

The Glorious Revolution (1689) was a time in England when there was a nonviolent transformation form an absolute monarchy to a joint monarchy. There was also multiple back and forth changes in the official religion of England from Protestantism to Catholicism. Many events happened hundreds of years prior to the Glorious Revolution that lead up to cause the eventual revolution.

Who was apart of the Glourious Revolution?

Did the Glorious Revolution have an impact anywhere else in the world besides England?

The Glorious Revolution made major impacts on other places in the world, even on other continents. Soon after the Glorious Revolution, there was the beginning of the American Revolution and the creation of the Bill of Rights. The Americans felt that if the citizens of England could stand up against their monarch then they should be able to do so as well.