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Nov 6 - 10, 2017

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from J-

I was recently able to attend Kathy Gross' Leadership Series on Collective Efficacy. Hattie shared that the value of an individual teacher impact has an effective size of .63. When the individual joins a team, and it becomes collective efficacy, the value grows to 1.57 This is quite a jump,

Collective teacher efficacy, as an influence on student achievement, is a contribution that comes from school. The influence we in school over learning is more powerful than factors outside of school that we can't control. If interpreted correctly, this should give us great hope. But the impact can go both ways. A statement that I occasionally hear, that leaves me crestfallen, is "these students can't learn." Individually it's wrong, collectively it's offensive. Research shows that teacher efficacy beliefs contribute significantly to the school's level of academic success. In short, whether the teachers believe the students can or can't, they are right.

So...what do your teachers collectively believe? Have you had this direct conversation, both individually and has a group?

Thanks for being supportive while pressing forward. Your leadership matters - every day!

Decline of Play -> Rise of Children's Mental Disorders

The changes seem to have much more to do with the way young people view the world than with the way the world actually is.

from Bret-

We’ve had a few principals ask about wording for parents/guardians who want to opt out of the use of technology, which we do not allow. Below is sample wording you can use with parents/guardians if they request this:

"I received your request about <STUDENT NAME> not accessing and utilizing technology at school. As you know, much of our curriculum and learning activities are based in nexus to technology and devices. This would be similar to asking you and I to learn when we were in school without textbooks and materials of our generation. Further, learning when, where, why and how to use the devices is part of the education system, and we would be setting students up for failure if we didn’t provide this specific type of learning for their future. Based upon these reasons, the district is unable to honor your request. We can support <STUDENT NAME> not taking the Chromebook home outside of the school day – this happens already across the system for various reasons. If this would be of benefit, please let me know."

The Explore team met on Wednesday and the conversation included the calendar, site selection, and curriculum. If you have questions about these topics, call me.

The Learning Coaches met at Fremont on Thursday and visited several classrooms and discussed components of the Jim Knight coaching model.

As of today, I have 75 finalized Tower data points on the people I evaluate.

The draft of the Elementary Learning presentation for Wednesday can be found here.

J, Brady, and I will be presenting at the MASA conference in a few weeks on principal evaluation. A draft of that presentation can be found here.

Senior Leadership followed by Elementary Leadership Team

Wednesday, Nov. 8th, 8:30am

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

Learning, lunch, and more learning. Looking forward to seeing and learning with you!

Blended Learning Update

November marks the beginning of our flipped training opportunities for Blended Learning Mentors through #CertifySPS! As a reminder, teachers may obtain a half day substitute through Penmac for their selected training dates. Penmac is requesting all substitute requests go in no later than November 3. Failure to request a substitute by this date may cause Mentors to have to move their preferred date. If you would like to know the preferred date your mentors requested, please reach out to Nichole Lemmon.

On Wednesday, November 1st, #CertifySPS modules were live in Canvas. Mentors may work on the content at their convenience throughout the month. Artifacts will need to be completed and uploaded by the end of November. Mentors will be asked to share their learning with full staff or team members before the end of the month—the final artifact upload is an artifact of the mentor leading others in their learning. Mentors will also participate in a twitter chat November 30th at 8:00.

#CertifySPS Modules are set up to give mentors a personalized and relevant learning experience. Canvas Mastery Paths have been used to designate their pathway. They will complete either Level 1 or Level 2 certification.

Here is a link to FAQ. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

A Cautionary Tale

How a kid who didn’t read a book until he was 17 grew up to become a literary star

Information Technology

The information technology department is rolling out a new Chromebook extension, Learning Outcomes. This extension from BrigthBytes allows us to track student time on specific applications, such as Lexia and Reading Plus. This will provide insight on the usage and effectiveness of various software in use throughout the District. This will add an extension icon to the Chrome browser for students and will periodically ask students to give the software a thumbs up or thumbs down rating.