Team of Queens

Weekly Check-In

How is it possible that it is Mid September already?

Hi fabulous ladies!!

I am SO SO SO (and one more SO) excited that fall, our BEST selling season, is about to get started. From the second half of September until the 15th of December is the time to capitalize on your business and achieve those goals you've been aspiring to reach.

Maybe that goal is to pay for Christmas in cash? Or what about adding a consistent income to cover the mortgage payment. Or maybe it's to stop you from feeling bad about your clothes addiction knowing that its part of your 'job' to look great! Or to get out of the house once a week? Whatever your goal is, this is the time YOU can make it happen! If you aren't sure what your goal is for this fall, now is a great time to start thinking about it. Write it down and share it with those close to you (and your team) so we can all help you achieve it.

I can wait to hear all the amazing goals you set for yourself!

WELCOME to Lindsay Fredericks

Tons of smiles for our newest addition. Lindsay is ready to rock this business and already has a pipeline of shows booked to kick off her new venture.

Bootcamp is THIS WEEKEND

I cannot tell you how excited I am to see some of you at boot camp. In prepping for it, I can tell you it is FANTASTIC and full of goodies for your business. It's not too late to register. I promise, you will not regret attending.

Halifax Boot Camp (Sat Sept 14th):

Stack up your rewards - September Style!

Don't forget, September is the last month needed to qualify for the consistency bonus in Q3 and to get your $100! Plus, for every $1000 you sell, that's $100 towards new line.

PLUS, did you notice that when you sponsor in September, and she goes onto have two qualifying trunk shows, you will also get $300! I only just discovered this as I thought it was a typo. Let's break this down if you had two shows & sponsored one stylist!

Hold 1 show ($1000 in sale) = $100

Hold 2nd show ($1000 in sales) = $100

Sponsor 1 stylist = $300

New Line Samples = $500!!! That is enough to get the basics display for FREE

October = Incentives

A little birdie told me that there is going to be some sort of incentive running between October-December. Last year it was an iPad (YES - an iPad just for YOU) - any guesses what it might be this year??? I am dying to know. This is the time of year that the incentives are achievable for ALL.

Like all S&D incentives, bookings are key. Hint, hint - you'll want to be qualified (sell $500) before October 10th to get the first one that I put out.