By: Sir William of Owen

Cleopatras Period

This young, but beutiful girl was princess of Egypt and ruled after her fathers death. She was a non-stubborn caring little girl. The quite strange thing was how open and caring she was in such a dark and hating period. She was very open in the sense of religion, and love.
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Cleopatra Growing Up

Cleopatra grew up in a very violent family. As she grew up she had a drunk father, a hating and plotting sister (oldest), another shy but pretty sister, a little spoiled sister that was a brat, and a little brother (well that acted like a little boy with power). Cleopatra grew up in Alexandria, Egypt (which was a city founded by a roman). In truth Cleopatra was not full Egyptian and was part Greek as she looked, but had the Egyptian sun baked skin. She spent many of her years in rome ( I will talk about that later in the article), while in Rome she learned of their plots, culture, and politics.

The Reason

The reason that her and her father went into hiding was while Cleopatras father was drunk and on a voyage his oldest daughter Tryphaena took the throne and banished him. Cleopatra was paranoid so she and her protector and servant left with her father on a voyage to Rome to gather troops so they could storm Egypt and take it over. This though bothered Cleopatra because she to had friends in Egypt that may be killed. While in Rome (she spent about 2-3 years of her life there) she learned to speak, dress, and even more strangely learned to love two of the most hate Romans Julius Caesar, and Marc Antony.

After about 1.5 years in Rome they hear that Tryphaena has been killed by a puff adder that was found and killed in the palace. This meant that they could return home, but again Cleopatra's weak, and shy sister Bernice took control. She was married the day she received the crown. The man she married she had strangled showing that she was a bigger threat.

The Homecoming

As Cleopatra returned home with her father she was surprised to see that Bernice gave up her throne to her father as she heard of their return with soldiers. As her fathers entrance she instantly bowed to him as she did she was executed right there and as a result two soldiers brought the King her Head. This certainly scared her to never disrespect her father.
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Cleopatras Rise

Cleopatra rose to power not by enforcement and killing ,but of her fathers death. She was very sad during this period, but one of her old "crushes," came to comfort her his name was Marc Antony.

This relation was then noticed by both of them that they loved each other , and so under Rome and Egyptian royalty they held a wedding. This marriage united Rome, and Egypt to become one together. They fought together in wars, and were unbeatable until...

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As this relationship grew so did the anger of a young Roman man named Octavian. He hated the fact that Rome was "in need" of Egypt. Now nothing could stop Rome and Egypt but Rome, and he knew of this so while Antony is in Egypt Octavian is in Rome plotting to kill them both. Now word spread so they hoped that Egypt could hold them off, but sadly it didn't they became paranoid , they fled to the palace, and no matter what version you here they were both found dead. Ending the Roman, and Egyptian partnership.