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That's it! ‪#‎LIMELITE15‬ has come and gone. Looking out over 15,000 people I realize it is more than a conference. Sitting in that chair your life will change. We learned to pay off debt, own our time, and leave a legacy for our families. The friendships & laughs made over good times and bad will forever bond us as #OTOM. We are It Works! And NOW is Our Time!! ‪#‎itworksadventure‬
Are You Ready to Take it All Off

The Party has JUST begun.... Are YOU ready for change?

2015 It Works Global DOUBLE GOOD Bonuses

2015 IS OUR CHAMPIONSHIP YEAR! ~ Mark Pentecost- CEO

2014 was a GOOD year, but 2015 can be a GREAT year. We want to win championships!

WE WANT MORE! More student loans paid off, more people sleeping in a house that’s paid for, more people driving cars that are paid for! I want your goal to be more—more giving, more helping, more dreaming big! Give more because you’re worth more. I want to raise that trophy at the end of the year winning! Are you hungry for the win?

Are you willing to go hard and double the effort? If you’re blitzing one card a day, hand out two. If you’re wrapping two people a day, do four. If you’re doing six parties a month, do 12. The world says that’s a sacrifice, but at It Works! we say that’s an investment. Winning for us is changing lives—that’s the scoreboard!

BELIEVE! Maybe you don’t believe you can do it. The mountain of debt is so high you think you can’t pay it off. My "why" is you. I believe in you. Our leaders believe in you. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Are you willing to double the effort and believe in yourself?

BRING IT! If you’re going to make the impossible possible and the uncommon common, you have to bring it! Bring it with attitude! Refuse to lose. Losing means you quit, but it’s hard to beat someone who never gives up! I’m gonna push you because I know you can get across that finish line, and we’ll cross it together. Don’t believe me? Just watch!


Toledo's Crazy Wrap Girl

Courtney Sifuentes and her team at Toledo's Crazy Wrap Girl making it a mission to help people improve their health & finances with this Crazy Wrap Thing!