Accepting Yourself

Jalen Hill

Being you

  • "Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • The first step to accepting yourself is realizing that your path to success might be different from everyone else's.
  • Don't let other people "brain wash" you. Deicide for yourself what's best for you.

  • Once you accept who you are, you might notice some changes around you.
  • This will help you find out who your real friends are in high school and later on in life.
  • Begin to surround yourself with the ones who have the same goals as you so you can hold each other accountable.

If You Didn't Know Already

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How to Better Ourselves

  • Notice and accept that everyone is different.
  • Respect the differences of the people that are around us.
  • Make changes in our lives that will be for the good, and not to fit in with the world around us.

Helping out our Community

  • If we all accept who we are, we will increase the diversity in our community.
  • No one would try to be someone that they're not.
  • Our society would be more spontaneous because we can all think for ourselves and not follow everyone else.

Just for some Reassurance

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