Brianna Baker

My Talents and Gifts

A Good Reader

I really love to read and three things that are good characteristics that are good for reading are [you have to be very focused when you read],another characteristic is that are are a bunch of books out there and you can find which book fits you, The last characteristic is that you can read wherever you are at and for me I find a nice place weather it is in the car or in you house or anywhere you are at this moment] It also helps to cool down your nerves when you are frustrated at someone or something and just need a break in the house. Coming from me I think that everyone that likes to read or reading just to read.

Good Direction follower

I am a really good cook and whenever my mom asks me to help make the dinner and anything that I can help with I listen when she is telling me what to do and I follow her when she is talking and when she is done talking I go and do what she has just commanded me to do. It is really easy for me to help because I am always helping teachers and during class sometimes I get some stuff for the teacher and other times I just stay in my seat and just listen to the teacher and do what I am supposed to do in class when I am not helping the teacher. It is a very fun job for me because I get to help people.

Band Designer

I am really good at making Rainbow loom bracelets. They are really fun to do and for me I think that I just have a natural ability for making them. It helps me to not to stress over it because It is just a band nothing else. I always get new band colors so I can try new things and I don't have to worry if I run out of colors so I can make new rainbow loom bracelets.I really like to make bracelets that are of Disney characters because I really like to watch Disney movies and I like to get the instructions on the computer and I can learn how to make the characters because It makes me happy to know I can make charms and Bracelets.