Kaleigh Hess-Davila


Question: What are economic challenges in Brazil, why do they face them?

Answer: There are very few economic challenges, but there is high inflation and commodity dependence.


Question: Did they ever change capitals, if so why and to where?

Answer: The capital before Brasilia was Rio de Janeiro. They switched the because of the UNESCO. They wanted to move the capitol inland and not on the coastal areas.


Question: What is there year round climate, how does it effect the way they dress?

Answer: There climate is very tropical and warm. The women wear skirts and dresses during warm weather. The men wear shorts like a lot of other countries.


Question: Why is the Amazon River, Basin, And rain forest named Amazon?

Answer: These land forms are named amazon because of a native tribe. They were called The Amazons, like the land forms. The Amazons lived near and in the different land forms.