Togo and Balto

By Keagan and Preston


  • Born in 1919
  • Died March 14 1933 at 2:15 p.m he was put to sleep with an injection
  • Owner - Norwegian Leonhard Seppala
  • Balto was more well known then Togo
  • Suffered from canine arthritis
  • Jet black Siberian husky
  • He weighed 55-60 pounds (bigger then Togo)
  • He was named after Samuel Johannesen Balto
  • Received a luxurious suite in the LA biltmore hotel
  • Was in movies and Broadway
  • Body is stuffed and mounted in Cleveland Museum of natural history


  • In 1925 he was 12 but he was strong and intelligent
  • Owner doubted his potential
  • Togo died on December 5th 1929 four years after the serum run
  • Hard to handle and mischievous
  • In the lead for 16 years
  • Seppala tried to sell Togo twice
  • Raced 261 miles
  • Was the unrecognized hero
  • He was small, black brown and grayish coat
  • about 45 pounds

Disease and Journey

  • 1924, diphtheria threatened the town of Nome, Alaska
  • 1,400 people had diphtheria
  • The disease isolated the whole town
  • Without medicene disease would quickly spread to everyone
  • No transportation in town
  • Temperature was 50 below zero

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