Brian's Hunt

Author: Gary Paulsen, Presentation by Sam S.

Some information about the book that you should know.

Title: Brian's Hunt

Author: Gary Paulsen

Copyright: 2003

Genere: Realistic Fiction


This was the closest thing I could find for a picture of Brian.

A basic summary of the book.

Basically what happens is, Brian gets sick of the city and returns to his place in the wild, after a few nights in the woods he goes to sleep in his canoe on the lake only to be awakened by a strange noise on the bank. He goes over to the bank and finds a dog with a giant gash in it's side. You could probably guess by now that he sewed it up and tried to figure out where it came from, he did. He also discovered that there was a demon bear wondering around the village where to dog came from, the bear killed almost the entire village and Brian finally decides to go on the hunt. I would say the main conflict is Person VS Nature.

Do I recommend reading this book?

The answer is YES. If you are like me and don't like to read extremely long books and if you do get attached you read it. That is like me but this book was a very good book, it WAS a young adult read but the age range is 10+ and there are only 112 pages. (Not a lot if you think about it.)
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The River

The book above this text is the 2nd book in the series. It is called "The River"