Tim Steinmetz

A Personal Reflection and Insight Into Personal Fitness

A Look Into the Life of Tim

I was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, but moved to Manhattan when I was seven years old after my parents divorce. I work full time while attending Kansas State University with a major in Primary Education. While college and work occupy most of my time i still enjoy playing basketball and drumming. Two important things in my life are my girlfriend Savannah and our kitten, Percy.

Views On Physical Activity

Being physically active is something that I really enjoy doing. Some physical activities I enjoy doing are going to the gym every weeknight with my girlfriend and playing basketball. While at the gym my girlfriend and I start by warming up with at least a mile run. After we warm up I lift weights until my limbs feel like noodles. I believe I'm more physically active because I have a lot more energy every day that I exercise. My girlfriend and I influence each other to keep active and working towards being fit.
Over the years many of my habits have changed. When I was younger and my parents divorced I gained a lot of weight going between each parents house all the time. Once I got older and mostly stayed here in Manhattan I began to become more physically active. With Manhattan being a fitness oriented town, the more I became involved with the town, the more I desired to be fit.

Health Topics

Physical Activity, Nutrition, Personal Health and Wellness, Mental Health and Safety

While all of these categories of health interest me, the topic that I desire to learn the most about is nutrition. All the years that I've been physically active I've never eaten healthy. I started eating less amounts of food than I did as a younger child, but I still eat more fast foods and other unhealthy things than I should. Learning a good nutrition plan that I would be able to follow is something that I would like to learn in this class.

Knowledge is Power!

Steps To Becoming An Active Learner

During this class I will increase my knowledge of health by applying what I learn directly to my own fitness and health. By applying concepts directly, I will connect with the material on a personal level and use this information to help inform and set an example to others and my future students.