Bill Gates

By Ben Lampkin


What started out as a business idea from two friends fresh out of college to the dominant and most used OS of today. Microsoft Windows, commonly referred to as windows, is a type of computer software created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company is a multi billion dollar company and is commonly known for creating the popular Xbox game consoles, tablets, the new tablet/laptop, and the new windows phones.

Bill gates

Bill gates was born on October 20, 1955. He is well known for co founding the dominant computer software of today, Microsoft. He has three children and currently married to Melinda gates.

Microsoft from zero to billions

Xbox consoles

The xbox

The Xbox is one of the most famous consoles to be around in the last decade. Recently windows 10 has been able to connect with multiple Xbox games and consoles.


Microsoft is now a multi billion dollar company while Bill Gates Is no longer designing the newest Microsoft product