Creation of the Nation

Finland declared their independence in December 6, 1917. The Finnish civil war of 1918 was the battle for the country between the white and red guards. There army grew to be 90,000 men fighting for there country. WWII drove finland to declare there independence. #Livefreeordiehard

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Sibelius Monument

Finland uniting into one nation through jean Sibelius’ music. Which is now there national anthem. The Monument stands in Finland's Capitol Helsinki.

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Jean Sibelius

Jean Sibelius a famous composer and violinist from the late romantic and early modern periods. He helped them gain the courage and gain there independence to identify them as a country.
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The blue Nordic cross represents Christianity on a white pure background. #waytobeblunt
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National Anthem

¨From our love shall rise your hope, glorious joy, and once your song, fatherland higher still will echo.¨

Finland will rise from the love of the people for there country, and the won't stop until Finland rises to be country that keeps thriving.