Iguana Info

February 8-12

This week

What a fun week celebrating Valentine's day and learning about the letter Vv! Our class made special Valentines for all the ancillary teachers. We also decorated our Valentine's bags for our party. On Friday, the Iguanas exchanged Valentines and we had a yummy pizza lunch with all of the Pre-k and teachers! For science with Mrs. Vaden, we learned about absorption! we observed different objects that absorb water and some that do not. Mrs. Vaden put two white carnations in a vase with blue colored water. The flowers started to absorb the water and they are turning blue!!! It has been a week full of fun and love!

What's next?

Letter Gg! We will also be learning about farm and rodeo for the next two weeks. Our class will get to learn fun facts about our state.



*Thank you for sending the Valentines, the kids had a blast passing them out to their friends. Also a big thanks for the cookies and cupcakes for our party!

*Thank you for all the teacher Valentine treats and goodies, we love them and feel so loved!

Dad's Hoedown is coming up in the next few weeks. Dad's, please mark your calendars! More information coming soon!

We can't wait to see everyone at the Gala this weekend! Don't forget no school on Monday.