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March 16th - 20th

"This is the value of the teacher, who looks at a face and says there’s something behind that and I want to reach that person, I want to influence that person, I want to encourage that person, I want to enrich, I want to call out that person who is behind that face, behind that color, behind that language, behind that tradition, behind that culture. I believe you can do it. I know what was done for me." - Maya Angelou


I hope that you had a wonderful spring break. If you are anything like me, a few more days would be lovely, but I enjoyed the time away. Most of my week was spent attending a conference, but my family also squeezed in a trip to Llano and a full day at Six Flags today. I would love to share pictures of how you spent your week in the next newsletter. If you would like to share any, please email them to me when you get a chance.

Our next Team Leader Meeting will be on Monday, March 16th. If you would like to add anything to the agenda, please click on this link and submit the agenda item.

This week begins another Learning Walk Week for Principals. This means that it is possible for our campus to be randomly selected to host the walk throughs. We will do our best to let you know in advance, but cannot promise advanced notice. Please let me know if you have any questions.

While we are thrilled that many teams are taking advantage of the opportunity for extended planning, please remember to clear the proposed date and time of planning with admin in advance. Members of the A-Team could already have meetings scheduled on the calendar, and it is important that these times work for everyone.

Make today count!


The 5 principles of highly effective teachers: Pierre Pirard at TEDxGhent

Teach BIG! Believe In Greatness

This TEPSA Webinar was presented by Randi Whitney, Founder, The Writing Academy back in December. While I admit I did not sing or repeat a single thing asked of me, her message is spot on and speaks to how important you are each and every day in the lives of your students.


The organization dimension is all about being logical—logical in the physical organization of the classroom, logical in selection of appropriate resources, and logical in instruction. Ultimately, organization is about being structured and giving students engaging and relevant work. Effective educators structure the physical organization of the classroom by ensuring availability of materials and resources as well as paying attention to the efficient use of space.

From the student perspective, the classroom is organized when:

  • I can easily navigate among tables, desks, and learning areas
  • I have access to materials and resources I need
  • New ideas are developed logically in an order that makes sense
  • Learning with peers is a routine part of my work in this classroom and there is space to do so
  • Time to practice what I am learning is a critical part of learning in this classroom
  • I have access to practice via traditional and technology tools
  • My teacher and I often confer in a space that invites discussion but allows for privacy

In addition to the physical organization of the classroom, instructional organization plays a role in student achievement. By its nature, learning involves a progression from naïve to complex understandings; yet despite abundant work with standards, scope and sequence documents, pacing and curriculum alignment initiatives, many educators stand to benefit from understanding precisely how learning happens in each discipline. A learning progression lays out in words and examples the intermediate steps toward deeper and deeper understandings. At this point, teachers know what students are ready to learn next and what prerequisite skills they need to strengthen their developing knowledge.

Volunteers During After School Duty

If you would like to volunteer to help support our positive behavior notes during dismissal, please click on the link below. A jeans pass will be issued for each volunteer slot that you sign up to serve. Please note that if you are already scheduled to that location as a duty, it would not be appropriate to volunteer for a position the same time you have duty.

For a printable version of the calendar, please click on the "Calendar" title above.
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  • First of all, I would like to thank Mother Nature and the McKinney ISD for giving us this (hopefully) last snow day! -Butler
  • I also would like to shout out to Angie for finishing the organization process that was MUCH needed! You're the bomb! -Butler
  • Thanks to Jenny Snyder for allowing me to work with one of her students for my ABA class. I appreciate the help! -Butler
  • Melanie- Thank you for your help on our tech projects!! There is no way I would've been able to do it without you! ~Valerie
  • My 2nd grade team- Thank you so much for keeping me sane when everything else is crazy!! ~Valerie
  • Julie- Thank you for the doughnuts!!! ~Valerie
  • Donna- Thank you for taking care of all the last minute field trip changes! ~Valerie
  • 3rd grade team: Thank you to my wonderful team for all the support they gave me at school while I was out ill. I truly appreciate them and owe them BIG time!!!
  • Michelle Caballero: Thanks for always being willing to help me with my Rti kiddos and your continued support.
  • Jennifer and Sylvia: Thanks for your support when I was still sick for open house!!
  • Jenny Snyder thank you so much for holding the umbrella over my head in the freezing rain...that was extremely helpful and I do appreciate it immensely! Bodmer
  • JD...thank you for "getting it" and knowing how to run "the line!" Bodmer
  • Lhauren...thinking back to our hubby chats sure makes me smile :) Bodmer
  • Sinclair... I am so lucky to be your partner ! You will forever be my giggle girlfriend ;) Bodmer
  • Thank you TEACHERS that helped with carpool duty on Wednesday. Bodmer
  • Thank you Coach Shambo for sharing Miss Irma's delicious tamales with me on your birthday. I decided to give you the next two days off :) Bodmer
  • Bravo.... And Momo Thank you for being such good friends to me....I always enjoy having our girl time together! I'm blessed to have you both in my life :) Bodmer
  • Nashy....I know I don't tell you enough but I am super proud of you for stepping it up and especially for creating the math study guide!! Bodmer
  • Thank you JL for the surprise Warm-up Wednesday! It could not have come at a better day and you have no idea how much that means to us. Bodmer
  • Barbara-Thank you for your ninja like bug wrangling skills! You are awesome! lp
  • K-5 Classroom Teachers, Thank you for such productive RtI meetings. You have done a great job identifying your students' individual needs, developing appropriate goals, providing specific interventions, and monitoring their progress. Having your data entered into AWARE prior to the meeting helped us to stay focused on discussing the individual student's response to interventions. Thank you for doing a Great Job! ~Shiela
  • ~Martellaro and Kincaid, Thank you for your flexibility in rescheduling a 504 from our first round of ice/snow days. ~Shiela
  • ~Bodmer and Sinclair, Thank you for your flexibility in rescheduling a 504 from our first round of ice/snow days and for rescheduling from this week's snow day too! ~Shiela
  • ~Grobe and Morris, Thank you for your flexibility in rescheduling a 504 from our snow day this week! ~Shiela
  • Peebles – Thank you for protecting us from the scary killer bug that tried to attack us in the hall! You're our hero! -jen
  • CThomas – Thanks for listening and being here for me! -jen
  • Kinder Team – I wouldn't be able to make it through the massive amounts of chaos in my life without you. Thanks for always being here for me and taking care of me!!! -jen
  • JL – Thank you for supporting me and understanding my chaos! -jen
  • JL, SL, Relle, Caballero, Shiela and Bodmer – Thank you so much for helping me out with Tommy at Open House! He just wanted to go go go and I don’t know how I would have done it without all your help. - Bravo
  • Chitwood – Thanks for always helping me out with anything and everything! - Bravo
  • Marley – thank you very much for the award. You made my day! - Gaby
  • Irma – thank you for the delicious birthday tamales and flan. I had a wonderful birthday lunch! Gaby
  • Nick – thank you for organizing my birthday lunch. I really appreciate it, and you. Gaby
  • JL – thank you for taking care of my little "emotional one" Monday. I really appreciated the help! - Merlene

Focus for 2014 - 2015

  • Providing all students with at least one year’s growth
  • Closing the achievement gaps in our subgroups
  • Utilize data to drive instruction
  • Collaborative team planning and lesson design to promote higher level thinking and student engagement
  • Posting learning and language targets daily in student friendly terms

Opportunities to Support Fundraising Efforts

Abigail de Leon is selling Girl Scout cookies. If you are in need of your favorite cookie fix, she would be happy to help you with your cookie cravings.



Gaby Shambo - 4th

Amy Harper - 10th

Mychel MacInnis - 13th

Colleen Everett - 17th

Valerie Larpenteur - 21st

Bad Dude Award

This week we are happy to recognize Jessica Bravo as the Bad Dude. Regardless of any struggle, Jessica moves through each day with such a positive attitude. She has established positive relationships with all of her students and has motivated some of our most challenging students to achieve more than they ever believed possible. She has a strong understanding of where her students are performing and the next steps needed to support them. We are so proud of the work she has done this year and feel blessed to have her on our team.

Remind for Staff

I have created a Remind for our staff in order to send out just-in-time reminders, last minute notifications of jeans/warm-up days, and/or emergency info. If you haven't already, please click on the link below to join the group.

McKinney ISD's Vision, Mission and Beliefs

Any time we have an idea, concern, solution and/or comment, this is the filter through which we should speak. Let's help each other live up to our vision, mission, and beliefs.


We are a cohesive, diverse community providing engaging learning experiences for all.

We will provide engaging learning experiences so students can become effective communicators, quality contributors and socially responsible citizens.

  • Partnerships between students, parents, community members and staff are foundational to educational success.
  • Positive school culture and a safe environment foster growth.
  • Everyone has inherent value and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Learning is an active process requiring engaging tasks and engaging minds.
  • Relevant and authentic experiences ignite continuous, deeper learning.
  • Meaningful relationships enrich learning.
  • Confidence fuels risk taking and higher achievement.
  • Financial stewardship ensures a tomorrow for education.