Knodel's Keynote

What's up in our classroom

Week of January 11th

Reading and Writing

Reading--Informational text, or nonfiction, work continues. We also finished our read aloud book last week! We'll be starting our new book next week. It's one I love!

Writing--Persuasive/opinion writing is our next writing genre.

Benchmark Tests--We'll spend time in class going over the reading and writing assessments that were given in December before the break.


Reading Log-- Our reading log did not make it back from the printer this week. Students do not have to mark their reading in a log this week, but still encourage as much reading as possible at home for your child.

Vocabulary--This week our study is un meaning not or none. Here is a link to the vocabulary slide show.

Field Trip!!

Permission slips for our field trip are due Thursday. If you are interested in going on the field trip, please contact your homeroom teacher.