Shocking Ceremony of Twelve

Community in Confusion

The Jobs Picked

While many of you are probably familiar, yesterday was the ceremony of twelve. Everyone’s beloved Asher has been chosen to Assistant Director of Recreation. What a fitting job. Kind Fiona has be chosen to be Caretaker. We think you will do well Fiona, and we wish you the best. Pierre, who always insisted on rules, was chosen to be the new pilot. We are counting on you Pierre.

The New Job

But while these jobs are great accomplishments, they are trumped by Jonas’ new roll. He has been selected to be the new... Receiver of Memory! The young boy was selected because of his intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and the ability to see beyond. The chief elder was going through the numbers, she skipped Jonas, announcing his position at the end of the ceremony.

His Reaction

Now we don’t know for sure, but we know that he acted kind of nervous when he was selected for this hard task. We have not had a new Receiver in decades, so Jonas obviously has a lot of pressure on his shoulders.