By Tyler Mertes


Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic disease that occurs when a boy is born with an extra copy of the X chromosome. Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic condition that commonly effects males.
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physical features

Men with this disorder tend to have weaker muscles, shorter torsos, bigger hips, less facial/body hair, large Brest tissue, and smaller testicles

emotional features

Usually shyness, difficulty expressing feelings, and attention problems.

mental features

Difficulty with reading, writing, and math. Individual may have memory issue as well.
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when you see symptoms

You can see these symptoms as early as birth, however they do not appear very sever at early age. As an adult however they can have big affects

progresseve or all at once

The disease is very progressive. It will slowly get worse and worse as the child grows older, many of the effects become noticeable during puberty


The disease doesn't really have an effect on the life expectancy, However, they will usually need assistance throughout there life. So if they don't have someone around them to help them, there is a greater risk of death.

how much care is needed

Since the disease effects the Childs ability to perform well in school they may need constant assistance in the classroom. They also may need help in there adulthood if living alone.


There are prescription drugs that will help reduce symptoms, but there is no cure for the disease.

what they cant do

Because it effects the body's muscles and increases body fat, the person will likely struggle with any form of sports. It also effects the sexual growth in males so they wild probably not be able to reproduce.


Always keep a careful eye on individual to make sure they are doing alright. There may be times when they struggle to do things.

house preperations

There really isn't much you can do to prepare your house for this disease.

emotional support

Please be patient with the individual, they may take longer than usual to process a question or request. Also they may feel insecure at times so be prepared to comfort them if needed.

educational suport

Deepening on the severity of the disease they may need a personal aid during classes. If your school has a class for special needs students you may want to look into using it.


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