Vietnamese Migrants

Daija Hirman 1st hour

Pull Factor

Large numbers if immigrants came as refugees, fleeing persecution in Vietnam. U.S supported South Vietnamese and accepted refugees who were closely tied to the South Vietnam government and the American Military. The United States created camps to gather more refugees and help resettle them.

Push Fact

They feared communist retaliation.

Children of America, Service Men, Newly released former prisoners of re-education camps, and family members (now Vietnamese-Americans were sponsored to come to the U.S in order to reunite with other families

Ravenstein's Law

The 2nd laws applies because the migrants moved from rural areas in Vietnam to Cities in the United States. The 4th applies because mostly women migrate to the us to reunite and give their families better chances at life. Ravensteins 6th law applies because the migrants were mostly moving because of communism, but now they are move for the better resources the us has. Law 3 aplies because that's the average age of all migrants coming to the Us Laws 1&5 don't not apply because 1.They are traveling far distance. 5. It's mostly women migrating to the United States.

Where do Immigrants live in Minnesota.

Most immigrants live in the Twin Cities area, St.Cloud, Rochester, and Duluth.

What Do the Immigrants do for jobs In Minnesota?

Nail Technicians, Hair Stylist, Make-up 80% of California's Licensed Manicurist, and about 45% WorldWide.

Current Issues and challenges Vietnamese face.

Family changes, intergenerational differences, Political involvement, Americans rather than unwilling exiles. Their Political involvement they were so used to communism.