Home Sweet Distopian 🏙

By: Sam Roberts

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A utopian society cannot exist because no single idea is perfect in the eyes of all citizens

Never can a utopian society exist, yet a distopian society will exist no matter what.

If a utopian rises, people will break laws and protest about how unfair the laws are, and how the world suddenly works.

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Multiple ideas of stories have quality examples of reasons why utopian societies can or cannot exist

For instance, distopian societies are demonstrated on the news, and a greater percent than half is criminal activity or a daily conflict. In the text of the Giver, it says," And of course our community can't function smoothly if people don't use precise language." ( Lowry 187 ). This explains why it cannot be a utopian society because it is a rule and some people are more than likely to break it. It is just like a habit, when people cannot notice certain activity. Also, the story shows everything is attempting to be pure perfection but a regular opinion would say that it is too awkward.

In a process of making a utopia, somebody is going to disagree with the world, in which are criminals. There is always going to be a law broken because something is not fair.

In the text of the Legend, it says," That's why they hate me, I'm not the most dangerous criminal in the country, but the most wanted." ( Lu 2 ). This is another reason why a utopia cannot exist because not everyone is going to agree with their rules. An example of a law in a fake, made-up utopia is no making creative ideas. A person who was artistic is going to draw an imaginary item, and will end up breaking the law. Whether it was on purpose or on accident.

In a result of those examples, a utopian society cannot exist because nothing in the eyes of a citizen can make perfect ideas.

If a utopia ever existed, then everything would be just as messy. People will protest, they will break laws, and it would be a failed attempt. There would be successful parts and unfortunate parts. Does the reader of this infographic agree, or can come up with an idea to make a utopian society that would change the world?