The Best Things About Art

Can Art be something you wanna do in life ?????

All about me

Hi my name is Shanice Porter and I am a Sophomore at F.l Schalgle. I like to draw and do different kinds of sports but basically I enjoy anything. The things I like to do on my free time is to watch Netflix or play video games.

Essential Question

Can art be something you want to do in life? Art is something that can take you far in life because look at all of those people who became something big by using something they loved and took it far. I love art and I would take it far because I wanna show everyone else what I can do. I want to show people how I feel and express my feelings.

Explanation Topic

My Topic is about Art and the things I already know about is that art is something you can express your feelings about, something you can get really creative with. Art is something I want to maybe do in the future, its going to benefit me to where I can take it far. Others will gain more knowledge and knowing that if there's something you want to take it far you should try and see where it can take you in life.


This Video explains how Art is something that you wanna take far in life and how something can be really important to you that makes you want to do something in life and get money. It's like a business, using something you love and make a job in your future but if you don't succeed you'll have to keep trying or find something else interesting to you. Sometime will be fail or get hurt but you have to keep going and fight for what you want. If you found something that you like to do a lot go for it and for me, that's art. I like to draw and do other things but Art is something I love to do.
Steve Jobs Inspiring Speech - Most Important Life Lesson for All

I learned

What i've learned out of this whole blog is to never give up. I know I didn't use a lot of art in this blog but I know this video and this blog is inspiring me to take Art or any other things that I love and use it to make myself out of something and to figure out my right and wrongs and to some what be like Steve Jobs and how he gave up but came back to his business. I want to do something I love and use it in my future .