Third Grade News!

March 2014- Mrs. Lieberman and Ms. Oliver

Third Grade is so SWEET!

Reminders for this month:

March 7th and 14th- weekend homework to practice for SAT's due Monday

Our Purim show is March 14 at Oneg Shabbat!!

March 17-21 is SAT testing week!

We are pleased to announce that third grade is gearing up for SAT's! Remember that during this month it is important to have your student practice reading strategies at home each night. During SAT week, students should get a good night's rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and come to school on time. Please practice these three habits starting at the beginning of the month and the transition into SAT week will be a breeze!

In Reading:

We are currently learning test taking skills and strategies that will help students prepare for the SAT's. Just as we do in math, we are equipping the children with tools and strategies to help them make sense of what they read.

Below are some of the strategies we have been practicing:

* I can read questions before I read an article so I know I am reading with a purpose.

* I can look at the title, think about what I already know about the topic and make a prediction on what the article will be about.

* I can re-read the questions, eliminate wrong choices, and go back to the text to answer the question.

* I can read the text keeping in mind the questions I need to answer.

* I can highlight the most important details of the passage to reference after I am through reading.

Students will be creating their very own i-language, a project we will be working on in class that includes reading strategies on an “app” and tangible examples on how to properly make use of different reading strategies.

SAT Prep


We will practice working on SAT problem solving skills which will include the following:

· Addition and subtraction computation (including decimals)

· Reading and analyzing bar graphs

· Determining the operation when given a word problem

· Elapsed time

· Using a number line

We will be working on these skills in class and practice problems will be assigned for homework.


We will be focusing on exploring Earth science with hands-on experiments in science lab to reinforce skills found on the SAT.

School Wide Happenings!


Shalom Parents,

According to our custom, when the month of Adar (Bet) is here, we are all very excited waiting for Purim to come. This month students will learn about the story of this joyful holiday, key vocabulary words, customs, mitzvot and some wonderful songs to celebrate Purim. We continue to study the weekly Torah portion, and we're now in the third book of Torah - "Vikrah". Each student is going to start to write their own personal book in Hebrew, "All about me". In this project, students will be describing different things about themselves, like their favorite foods, drinks, hobbies, and what they like the most about their studies during Hebrew time (Parash, Tefilah, Holidays, etc). Through all of these different components to our curriculum we continue to work on reading skills, such as fluency and comprehension, and as well as writing skills.

Yours Morot,

Morah Dora and Morah Revital


This month we will begin Jumping Rope for Heart to raise money for the American Heart Association. Students will learn all about eating right and exercising to keep our Heart healthy. We will then start our Soccer unit where we will learn to dribble, pass, shoot, and defend!


Students will learn about colors and fruits identification this month. To practice the vocabulary of colors, students will use flash cards, coloring, and communicating in a sentence to describe their hair color, clothing colors, etc, while fruits will be learned through flashcards, a mini book, writing, drawing, and a survey. Students will continue to learn about Chinese culture through the Hello China video series.


During the month of March, students will be working on Purim activities. To reinforce

the words in Spanish, each student will create a Mishloach Manot in the shape of

a hamantaschen containing caramelos - candy, patatas fritas - chips, galletas -

cookies, frutas - fruits, jugo – juice, and a máscara – mask. Students have enjoyed our our class book that we read entirely in Spanish!


Third graders have been introduced to a new Lego exploration named Build to Express. In this structured build, students are given a scenario to create a building that represents facts, knowledge, and comprehension of a given topic. Build to Express helps bring language arts and social studies to the STEM lab tying in the core curriculum studies into the Exploratorium. Students will also have the opportunity to work with a program called “Build with Google Chrome”, a technology on line version of “Build to Express”.

Science Lab

Third grade's junior scientists will be spending the month of March learning about how the earth changes and how people use the planet's natural resources. We'll discover how reducing, reusing and recycling can impact the environment, spark advancements in technology and engineering, and dig deep into the world of soil.


Third grade completed an amazing collage, The Goldfish, and are now learning about the famous artist Wayne Thiebaud and his dessert pictures. This month, each student contributed to a beautiful class wide project on a canvas to auction off at the Kiddie Cup event hosted for our school PTO.

Don't miss the opportunity to be the winner of the project and take it home!!