This is me!

A profile for Scarlett a 7 year old student with low vision

My Strengths!

  • Im curious and eager to learn
  • I am social and love to work with my peers
  • I have lots of great ideas
  • I am caring and work well with others
  • I do well in auditory learning situations

My Needs and Accomidations!

  • Large print books
  • Reading lamp and hat for glare
  • Screen reader/enlarger for computer screens
  • boldly lined paper and dark lead pencils
  • magnifying glasses

Characteristics of Students with Low Vision

Students like me can be sensitive to light - we may squint and rub our eyes a lot to try and help us see better. Sometimes we can get headaches and may bump into things in the classroom if there is low light.

Assistive Technology I Use!

  • You might see me using a screen reader. It helps me by taking text from a screen and saying it out loud so I can hear. This helps me because I can have trouble reading texts from screens and books.