The man from the Madrid metro station.

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Marco is a hero because he saved a woman who passed out in a subway station in Madrid and fell to the subway tracks. The people around her just looked but did nothing. But after ten seconds a policeman jumped into the subway tracks and ran to her to save her, the rose to the platform just before it passed the subway.

He is police office. A typical working day for a police means starting work at 7.00am and finishing at 3.00pm. A police work at a police station or patrol in the street.

At work he has to help people wing. To be a police you need skills : physical , driving and admistrative.

I would you like the police office because it is and exciting and important works because it helps people and maintain security in the city but I would like to be a dancer because I like to dance and transmit feelings to people when they see me.

Un policía nacional rescata a una mujer desmayada que iba a ser arrollada por el Metro de Madrid