From the Classrooms of 23B and 24B

For the Week of Sept 28

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From Mrs. Younce

From Mrs. Johnson

Homework Clarification



Prize Donations

From Mrs. Younce

Math Updates-

  • A family letter was sent home yesterday.
  • We did lesson 1.11 today.
  • We will complete 1.12 and 1.13 this week.
  • I am teaching Mathematical Practices lessons on Fridays. (This is when we practice word problem strategies.)
Science/Social Studies Updates
  • We are wrapping up our seed investigations and starting to focus on Washington Forests.

From Mrs. Johnson

This week in reading we are continuing to work out of our first StoryWorks magazine. We are finishing the realistic fiction story we began last week and will next explore a non-fiction article. Our focus while working through this article will be summarizing and answering questions using information from the text to support our thinking.

In writing, students have been drafting scenes out of their story timeline focusing on “showing” the story instead of “telling” it. Another way to say this is that we are writing scenes instead of summaries. We do this by focusing on small actions, using dialogue, and creating drama in our writing. Students are working scene-by-scene and will eventually put all of the scenes together in a published piece.

Homework Clarifications

One of our wildcat qualities is "I am responsible". A way that we like to teach responsibility is through homework. Although they may need some guidance in filling out their homework log, we ask that you give your child the opportunity to learn and complete this task with support as needed. We have instructed the students that we expect to see their handwriting on the recording sheet and that they only "work" required from parents is oversight and a signature.

As a reminder the Unit math packets are supplemental to our math learning. They are not expected to be completed in a week's time. This is one way that students can reach their math minutes and it supports our learning in class. Students have been told that they can bring in the completed packets for dojo points, but that is not required. It will be noted in the weekly newsletters what lessons will covered that week.

Finally, we are trying to be green and so the copies that you received today contain an inadvertent shaded space. We instructed the kids that they could solve this problem by writing on the back or using other creative solutions.

Fourth Grade T-shirts and Apparel

Look for an order form to come home this week to order fourth grade t-shirts and apparel. This is not a required purchase - it's just for fun! We like to wear them to school events to show our Wildcat pride! These orders are due by Friday, October 2nd.

Prize Donations

Cleaning a closet anytime soon? Maybe a child's bedroom? We would love donations of small prize-like items for our class dojo reward system. Prizes should be new or gently used. Some ideas: fun erasers and pencils, books, posters, small toys or games. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

October 2nd - T-Shirts Orders Due

October 7th - Individual Picture Day

October 10th - Missoula Children's Theater Performance

October 17th - LW Color Run

October 24th - Lifting Literacy Event

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