Trade Show 2013

What I Learned

Never Give Up

One of the most important things I learned in the process of Trade Show is to never give up. When the goings get tough, keep going. I can honestly say that Trade Show was the most valuable project I have ever completed in terms of learning. If I had given up, I wouldn't possess the knowledge I do right now. Even though Trade Show was very stressful at times, it was worth it in the end.

Expense Tracking

Expense tracking is probably the most important aspect of any small business. It helps you to realize the targets you need to meet in order to break even and make profit. It also keeps you very organized as you need to be aware how much each partner needs to be reimbursed.

Problem Solve Immediately

Over the course of Trade Show, our group had some issues regarding teamwork, resulting in extreme stress and anxiety. Issues had come up at the beginning of the year, and assuming it would just get better, I ignored them. The problems increased in severity, leading to the climax of our group problems. Had I said something at the beginning of the year, we could have solved the problems and prevented the severity of the outcome.

Be Polite and Make Things Easy

A skill I really improved on the day of Trade Show was speaking to customers and not sounding like I was scripted. Although it was a strenuous task, it was not impossible. I learned being polite and not being pushy was a great way to entice customers. Another thing customers liked was when we made things easy. For example, this order form is clear and concise and very simple. This is what needs to happen on Trade Show day. If a customer has to stop and think about something your company presents, chances are you've already lost their business.