welcome to the rainforest

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tropic of Capricorn

(23.5 degree south of the equator). Tropic of cancer ( 23 degrees north of the equator)


Fifty-seven percent of the world's forests, including most of the tropical rain forest, are located in developing countries, and also deforesting and making it into it into farmland.


Tropical rain forests covers 6% of the earths surface. They are mostly located in the belt of around the equator, in the Amazon basin in South America, Congo basin and other lowland regions in Africa


Between 2000-2012 2.3 million square kilometers of rain forest was deforestation for people to live and field crops. Nearly 90 percent of the 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty world wide depend on the rain forests for their livelihood. Fifty-seven percent of the world's forests, including most Tropical rain forests are located in developing countries all over the Tropical rain forests.

Human Environment Interaction

Types of human activity that endanger rain forests are either farming, logging, and road building. We are cutting down trees and all of the rain forests just to make palm oil or to make crops. We all are making the rain forest and everything in it extinct or endanger species.


Unless we could find more advestment of the plants in the rain forest to save it. We could send money around the world so it could still be there for a very long time. We also make a law about cutting down the trees in the rain forest so it could be saved. We can also speak for the trees about the " The trees are our lungs of the earth. We can also have an rain forest fun raiser to collect a lot of money to pay for the rain forest to keep it standing for a long time

plant the seed

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