Miss Heckathorne's Classroom News

Starside Elementary

Specials Schedule

9/16 T – Music/PE

9/17 C – Library

9/18 O – Art

9/19 M – Music/PE

9/20 E – Computer

Upcoming Tests

Topic 3 Math Test - Tuesday, September 24th

Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Sep. 25th, 4:15pm to Thursday, Sep. 26th, 8pm

35400 West 91st Street

De Soto, KS

If you cannot make your scheduled conference time please contact the office.

What We Are Learning

Math -Topic 3: Place Value

Our objectives for the week are as follows:

•comparing whole numbers through hundred thousands

•using place value to compare and order numbers

•using place value to round whole numbers

•problem solving by generating a list of possible outcomes and organizing them in a systematic way

Reading - Novel Study of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator:

Our objectives for the week are as follows:

•determine word meaning using context clues, word parts and figurative language

•analyzing characters

•retelling and summarizing

Writing - Personal Narrative: This week the students will engage in the first two steps of the writing process for their personal narrative. We will read Waiting in the Wings as a mentor text to show vivid and engaging narrative writing. The students will complete a pre-writing activity focusing on sensory details and “showing not telling.” The students will then complete their first draft. We will continue to work on writer’s workshop, the writing process, and the 6 traits of writing.

Social Studies - The Midwest: Last week we began to study the regions of the United States, starting with the Midwest. During our study of the Midwest the students will learn all of the states and capitals within the region. They will be quizzed on the states and capitals before we move on to our next region. We will study the culture, the land and the economy of each region through non-fiction text, videos, and discussion.


Spelling tests will be given each Friday. A pre-test for the following week will also be given. Students will be placed on a list based on the results of their pre-test. Please help your child to practice their spelling words each week. All lists can be found at spellingcity.com by clicking “Find a List” and searching “Starside Fourth.”The words for List #1 are listed below:

Theme 2, Week 2



















+ 2 personal words


Our Mission:

Through a collaborative learning community we will build a foundation up which all students can develop essential academic and life skills.

Our Vision:

Starside will be a Learning Community (staff students, parents, and community members) that collaborates to:

· Provide a safe, positive environment that promotes academic growth, good character, and values diversity.

· Implement researched-based strategies to ensure students achieve academic skill

· Maximize learning time to focus on essential skills

· Monitor student growth based on high expectations