Chris Van Allsburg

by Chloe K.

If you want to learn more about my author study in school, then come on and read all about it!

Facts about Chris

Chris created the book and movie of The Polar Express. Also it's fun to try to find the little dog "Fritz"in most all of his books as he always includes him in the illustrations.

Learn more about Chris

If you want to learn more about Chris than visit his official website

Here is a video of a teacher reading some of Chris's books

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
Two Bad Ants

Here is a photo of Chris at a book talk and the cover of one of his most famous books.

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About me

Hi my name is Chloe K. I love school. My favorite subject in school is writing and math I enjoy working with my peers.I have glasses and a new hairdo.and if I have time after school I always read my favorite Chris Van Allsburg books.