Lack of Education in Madagascar

A cause with dire outcomes for Madagascar's people

Why is this important?

This is important because the children of Madagascar grow up in impoverished families who cannot pay for education. Without their education, they will not be able to have sustaining jobs or be able to provide for their family. We are fortunate enough to have education as a basic need. In Madagascar it is just the opposite. Children don't get the opportunity to learn and get sustainable jobs because their families have to struggle to get barely enough food on the table to supply them with energy.

Why should you help?

By helping, YOU will have made a difference to a child Madagascar. Another reason is that after you help, they will get an education and a job. Then, people of Madagascar will not be as poor anymore! In a way, you will have ended poverty!

How can you help?

You can help by making a donation to Mission: Madagascar, a program joined with America for Africa-now at Coppell Middle School North( 120 Natches Trace Coppell, TX 75019).Go to our school and ask to visit Mr. Hayden’s room (A102) to ask more about the cause and donate! You can also check out the QR Code below to donate to another organization with the same cause!

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