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DE Boot Camp: Engaging Students Day 2 .......................... Assign Almost Anything

Yesterday, we looked at Discovery from the student's point of view, and saw that a key element of Discovery's Student Center is it's ASSIGNMENTS section. The Assignments section is where students can access, review, and complete anything and everything that their teachers have assigned to them. But how do you assign things to students? I'm so glad you asked...

Today's Assignment............................ First things first - Create a class

Today, we're going to begin with the assignment instead of end, because in order to assign things in Discovery, you first need to create a CLASS to assign things to.

To learn how to create a class from a roster of existing student accounts on your campus - click here to watch the video.

To learn how to create a class and create new student accounts to include in that class - click here to watch the video.

Assign anything in the media library

ANYTHING in the Discovery Library can be assigned to students using the magical "plus-triangle" widget - any video, video segment, article, game, reading passage... anything.

  • Click the triangle and select "Assign to Classroom/Student"
  • Enter the date you'd like the content assigned and the date it's due
  • Select the class and students in that class you'd like to assign it to
  • Click SAVE... and that's it! You've created an assignment in Discovery Ed.

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Assign any of your own uploaded media

Anything in MY CONTENT can be assigned to students using the ACTIONS menu at the far right of the item listed - including your own media that you've uploaded into DE. Simply click the Actions button and select ASSIGN, and then choose your assign date, due date, class, and students as directed.
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assign folders of anything you can gather

There are times you may find it preferable to gather all of your resources for a lesson or unit into a folder in your My Content, and then assign that entire folder of resources to your students as one assignment. It's very easy to do - once you have your folder complete, click the Actions button to the right of that folder, select ASSIGN, and choose your assign date, due date, class, and students as usual.
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Assign Board Builder Boards

Discovery's Board Builder gives you an awesome tool for creating interactive multimedia presentations - I hope you were able to explore a wide variety of Boards yesterday as we looked at the Board Builder in more detail. You can assign Boards that you create through the Board Builder tool - just click the ASSIGN button at the upper-right and then choose your assign date, due date, class, and students as usual.

Note - Boards that you find in the Discovery Media Library can be assigned with the same process that you would use for assigning other media - click the triangle icon and choose Assign to Class/Student.

Assign quizzes, writing prompts, and assignments

We'll be talking a lot more this week about creating different types of online student activities with the Discovery Builder Tools (the Quiz Builder, the Writing Prompt Builder, and the Assignment Builder), but all of them are assigned to students in the same way. You'll find that the last step of the three step Builder process is to ASSIGN - simply choose your start date, due date, class, and students as usual.

Evaluate Student Results

So now that you're getting the hang of assigning all sorts of things to your students (and hopefully, you're finding that it's so much easier than you thought it would be), you're probably wondering how you can see the results of all of those assignments. If you look under the CLASSROOM MANAGER menu, you'll find RESULTS (aka grade book) available organized by either class or student.

To view results for a particular assignment, click the PLUS to the far left of that assignment to expand the results to the student level. This will show you the assignment grade (if it's a quiz) and date/time submitted, as well as provide you a link to the student's completed assignment. You'll also find a link to export the results for the entire class so that you can import that into your regular gradebook as needed.

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Bonus tip of the day! ............................................................ All of your favorite FREE DE Resources are still here!

Are you a long-time fan of Puzzlemaker? WebMath? Brain Boosters and more? Those favorite free tools from Discovery are still available on the Discovery Ed website. Go to the but don't login - instead, scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom of the page and ... Voila! You'll find links to all of your favorite old DE friends!

Want to assign a puzzle, worksheet, or activity you've created to your students through Discovery? Just print it to a PDF file and upload into your MY CONTENT and you can assign it from there.

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