Pilgrimage to Lake Tahoe, CA

Art Pilgrimage

Why Do I Want to Go?

The one thing that has always been really dominant in my life is my passion for art. Whether that be drawing, painting, sculpting, even writing and playing music. If I were given the opportunity to travel the world, country, or even just the state in search of expanding my art career it would be the most amazing thing to happen to me. Whether I was given the chance along the way to learn from mentors of some sort or if I just had access to unlimited time and the depth of thinking that comes with traveling. Art comes from inspiration, while this can be found anywhere, it is noticed easier in an environment we are not used to living in. I would go to places that are unlike the ones I have grown up in. Being completely submerged in a different way of life is the best way to see the world in different light; thus growing the inspirational capacity infinitely.

My Pilgrimage Goes From:

Sunday, March 1st 2015 at 12am to Sunday, Nov. 1st 2015 at 12am

Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe, Calif, United States

South Lake Tahoe, CA


To get to Lake Tahoe I will be driving my car. After calculating costs (as best as I could) it would be about $240 to drive there.

Knowing I would be driving myself around for the next six months I added an extra $1000 for gas money once I'm there.

What Do I Need?

I will be making art the entire time I am on my pilgrimage. This means I will need to bring: Pencils, markers, paint, brushes, paper, pastels, erasers, etc. The approximate cost for getting all of these things to begin with is $150. Knowing I will have to buy more while I am there means I will need about $300 extra.

Food and Drink

While living there I would try to eat at home most of the time, so I would be buying groceries from a local store. The average cost would be about $600 total.

Keeping in Touch

I will be bringing my cell phone with me which would add another $360 over the six month stay.

Where Will I Stay?

I will be staying in a rental house built for one person right off of the lake. Over six months it would cost me about $5,500.


All of the money for this trip will be from personal savings from working.